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Congrats on the lights! What are your thoughts on running higher ambient temps with LED? The idea is that LED rooms need to run warmer because LED doesn't put out much IR light. Warmer temps also need higher rh to keep vpd in range. Should mean a lot less electric costs for lighting and AC. Check this article. It talks about CO2 and lighting but scroll down to see the section about raising rooms temps with LEDs.


Hey Hulk, nice seeing ya! 50 was the go to for blurple type LEDs but do you use 50 with the newer LEDs like Spider Farmer or HLG? 

Pretty close IME. 30w/sq ft works for COB and QB type LEDs. For example, the HLG 550 is 480w and will flower a 4x4. A bunch of those QB type boards are 240, 280 and 480w. Lines up pretty good for 4x2, 3x3 and 4x4. 35w will work for some strains but it's good to have a dimmer to bring it down when needed.

Yes. Seriously, rub some of that infused coconut oil on your feet and lmk if it helps.

A former member used to swear by Nirvana Northern Lights for nerve pain. If you already make the cannabis infused coconut oil, try rubbing that on painful body parts, straight up. 

My main goal for growing has always been for pain relief (although I rely on weed to sleep too). Smoking Nirvana Blackjack seems to help and most indica leaning hybrids seem to help. Better yet is dried ice kief. The best pain relief we have gotten is from canna coconut oil made from OG Kush and Blackjack. Rub the oil right on you boo boos, it's amazing for certain nerve pain that my GF has. We also use the canna salve made with the same canna coconut oil, shea butter,beeswax and a little peppermint oil. 

What is your temp and rh? what light and how close is the light?

Sounds good, give it a try. The only other advice about how much to feed is grab a ppm / ec meter tester. Mix a 1/2 strength sample and check ppm. You'll get different opinions on ppm, but somewhere around 600-1200 should work in veg.

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Hi dee bud, nice to meet you. Yes, a bunch of growers with skills and always helping others. 

What is the NPK of the MG nutrients? Won't you need separate nutrients for veg and flower or is MG an all in one nutrient for veg and flower?

As far as feed strength, start low and ramp it up slow would me my advice. 

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Hey Tex, nice to see you still rocking on WP! I think I saw Marlboro and SBL with new slightly different names. Wonder if Homebrew is ever around? That man can diagnose anything! What about Caiman?

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Wow, so 16, one cola plants in a 4x4 SOG may produce 1-1.5 LB but you're breaking the law. Or, run 4 tents with one plant in each tent in a scrog, probably yield 4-6 LBs in total but you're legal. I'll take option 2 please!

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