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With weed becoming legal in Virginia July 1st I can't wait !

A friend with weed is a friend indeed !

Aloe Vera is much cheaper and 1 Aloe plant will last for years.

My GSC auto did good outdoors but I did have to pluck caterpillar off by hand.

Using Fox Farms Happy Frog you shouldn't have to feed them anything the 1st month.

Did you ever find any Acapulco Gold auto seeds ?

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I would go with at least 18/6 , I've heard some growers say they go with a 21/3 schedule for auto's.

Yes it does happen overnight,My Acapulco Gold were fine one day and bud rot the next day.


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I have the mars hydro ts1000 and it's a nice light for $140

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Yes fast drying makes them taste like grass instead of weed.

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BUD ROT got both of my Acapulco Gold plants.

12 hours of rain and I put them under the carport with a box fan blowing on them but is was too late.

Cut off all the infected buds.

Then soaked the rest of it  in a mixture of peroxide and water and then rinsed them and have a box fan n them t dry them off.

Needless to say but I'm done with outdoor growing. 

I used Miracle Gro back in the 70's but used it as a foliar spray.

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