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This year we will do a OD and ID grow competition.

You can start when ever you want but the ID has to be be finished 1 oct and the OD has to be finished 1 nov.

You can use any strain of any seedbank of choice to enter also it does not matter if your choice is autoflower or photoperiod, same rules apply for this competition.

you can post your grow pictures in here whenever you want offcourse.

At the end you select the best 3 pics and post them *i will start a different post by then where you can post the pictures* and the people can vote who has the best grow at the end of the year.

The prices :

3 packs of choice for the indoor winner BUT he/she has to give 1 pack away to a random person (can be a friend or a random person on weedportal) and the same goes for the outdoor contest, 3 packs of choice for the winner BUT the winner has to give 1 pack away to another person (once again it can be a friend or a random person on wp)

Even tho its not much its better then nothing

And last but not least : Offcourse it would be nice to know what you are growing so if you post pictures do include the name of the strain in case people would be intrested to grow that strain themselfs (no matter what seedbank)


im all set!  plus at menards ya get 11% rebate...i dont mind the drive

I got a 12 case tonight myself it costed around 14$, hope you can find some man.

look into the Walmart plus, it’s like Amazon prime so you get free shipping and I think the first months free.

@Joshua...not sure if your if your talking to me or Chase? but i checked walmarts and here they are outta stock and to order them threw walmart  was a lot of shipping..so anyways, i dont mind a drive for the price  Menards have em..no biggie...prolly will wish i had bought 2 packs tho..lol

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Nice!!!! Looking forward to you coughing that strawberry taste!!!

Ahhh thanks Dee!!! Yes indeed hope it will be a killer plant

Wow Texas don’t make me blush brother…Thanks a bunch

Thank you for taking the time to see them

Cool kinda like myself…I act kinda like Jack and throw my beans and let mother E do her magic

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i pitched everything and done a complete peroxide clean out.

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Did someone say Bubblicious? Lol! You can never go wrong with Bubblicious from Nirvana. I'm a lil partial to bubblegum but thats just me. My first grow of it was back in early 2000's and I have 8 vegging now, one of my all around favs from Nirvana.


I noticed you have red/purple petioles. Is your main stalk still green or turning red/purple like the leaf stalks? I see no purple in your bud or leaves so that doesn't lead me to believe its from genetics.

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Almost there a day or two more.

strawberry cough 

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Totally agree and experienced the same results with that day/night temp.  Use to think my tent was in the low 80s in the day, but then hung my thermometer at the canopy and it was high 80s almost 90.  Bit the bullet and finally turned on the wall unit that i had installed in the grow room for controlling the temp in the first place and viola. Got the temps down to 79 during the day and like 68-9 at night. The best grow I ever had, straight up fire, the buds were super dense, like I use to think those people that had those moon rock buds were using a press, na, they just got their environment dialed in.  Waiting on this next run to see if the temp thing holds true.  I'll know because the strain I am running I have run with whacked temps.  I ran some auto's and they hermed, now i'm thinking it was because of the temps for sure, I know I don't have light leaks.  So yea take care with temps on auto's, at least from my limited experience.  Good luck and stay lifted.

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