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Dang make me look like a amateur I have ball ways just fed everything the same just went by feeding schedule for fox farm.adj will be made this run.each plant seperate 

I’ll keep them as close to separate as I can. But I’m pretty good w the scissors!  

The Biobizz line is super easy, so shouldn’t be too much of a pain to mix two batches.

Thank you guys for bringing solid info I hadn’t planned or thought of yet. 

I do it to myself on a regular basis. Haha


i’ll keep you posted for entertainment!

  • He is a pot growing machine for sure
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I use Mendicino Honey in last few weeks of flower before final flush

well i was debating what i will do with these. i can drop them into legit 5 gallon DWC buckets and do a serious grow or keep them in one gallon buckets with no air supply  like this. either way i plan to flower them with the Spiderfarmer SF4000

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This is the first time I have used molasses been reading about the benefits and better to use Unsulfured…was wondering if you do use molasses how often and how much.  I poured some water from the gallon into a cup and used 1 tablespoon of molasses in cup so easier to mix than poured it back in gallon. Set ph to just under 6.5

That’s a crazy amount of stretch…pretty plants

Hey Sub are you planning on switching lights when you flip them? 

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Sound like me I hate trimming it kills my back. Worth it always in the end though.

Great looking plants Sarge, will definitely have to mix two different buckets of nutrients some sativas can’t nearly as much as an indica. I see RbtAsq’s point, just don’t intertwine the two strains and you can always harvest one before the other if you have a good drying spot. It might be 5-6 weeks after indica especially hazes. You got this Sarge…

Sooo, you've got an Indica, and a Sativa under the same Scrog net??

Curious how that'll work for you, if the Indica finishes a month before the Sativa.

Not knocking it, just curious. Honestly, I think this is the first I've seen anyone do this.

Hope you're up for a challenge, because you may be in for one.

Beautiful, healthy plants, btw.

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Man this place has changed in the last year.  Sure do miss all the great people who helped me out along this great journey.  

Update on the tents:

3 amnesia haze about 2-3 weeks from finishing and am pleased with their results. Grown in FFOF with Dynagrow Nutes


Organic Tent:

Running locally made Super Soil.  Fed only ro water and fish shit for the first 6 weeks, and introduced these two to BioBizz organic nutes last week.  Hoping to veg these a little while longer to try and fill the net some more.  10 gallon pots with one Maple Leaf indica and one Blue Headband sativa.  So far so good on this.  Fingers crossed I can make it thru without any big hiccups!!!


thanks again to all that have helped and do so.  Wouldn’t be where I’m at without you!!

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Let’s keep the posts to growing around here

all good so far, crossing finger they won't start fading heavily on me in the next few weeks like some of my previous grow.

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