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Nice ❤. How long till harvest ? looks close! I bet you will be a happy camper.

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That is beautiful! 😍😍😍

one of my better grows..  I stacked my buckets up so the canopy would be a bit more even. That Big Northern Lights on the left stretched a bit more than the NL on the right. White Widow behind on right

Chubby what ever the problem was it was not to severe.Thosevare some trees you got there.aint it amazing from that little biddy seed to that

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sweet! those nugz look awesome an nice frost/color

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Once again King killer buds you know the strain

i just put these seeds in moist paper towel yesterday...i might reveg one or two of the strains an stick em outside in the spring...will see

ive seen some strains from different  breeders that use that "Lemon Cherry Gelato" in their mixes..it sounds tasty!

either he re-uses the same pic every time or he is a pot-growing machine!

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I had noticed a Ca deficiency in many of my OD plants this year, so after harvest I sent a soil sample in to the University of Missouri for analysis. The test pointed out not a Ca deficiency, even though I had plenty of Ca in the media. But a  K toxicity, that was not only locking out Ca, but the micronutrients as well. The first two numbers listed on the results after the nutrient are the averages, and the last number is my soils number. K was 420ppm almost 200 ppm's above average!!   Morale of the story, be careful with bloom boosters ! Peace  

Tests Units Desired

Range Results Interpretation
Low Desired High

pH 6.5 - 7.4 6.83 X
Soluble Salts (E. C.) mmho/cm 2.0 - 3.5 2.38 X
Phosphorus (P) ppm 6.0 - 10.0 14 X
Potassium (K) ppm 150 - 249 420 X
Calcium (Ca) ppm 200 + 212 X
Magnesium (Mg) ppm 70 + 95 X
Zinc (Zn) ppm 0.229
Iron (Fe) ppm 0.263
Manganese (Mn) ppm 0.011
Copper (Cu) ppm 0.053
Nitrate-N (NO 3 -N) ppm 29.9
Ammonium-N (NH 4 -N) ppm 0.564
Carbon (C) %
Nitrogen (N) %
C/N ratio
Moisture Percentage %
Total Solid

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SWEET ! I love the saw tooth leaf edges !!! 

i have not thought bout that thanks 4 opening my eyes don't know what i waz thinking !!!!

yeah they usually all look the same at this stage a little taller or smaller, leaves the same, differences show with the flowering stretch depending strains and phenotypes.

But i'm not as good as you suggest, failed germination, dampening off, mold are issues i encounter once in a while or rather often

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amazing plants 7 days no water they looked very sad but here they r looking good again lost track of the days  ......

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