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My favorite strain is the Maui for effects but papaya was an absolutely incredible grow also. 

Very nice, would love to hear a smoke report when there done.

They look like 3 Gallon pots to me DP but they could be 5.

If you was to recommend one of those strains out of what you mentioned, what would you pick TB.

I’ve thought about the papaya before & somango were they made the auto version for it.

Peat without perlite or something similar can & will hold more water than needed.

I wouldn’t water them for a good wile & id get a fan blowing in the area there in but not directly at them. You could have them end up damping off if you get fusarium wilt.

Really good question. I will grow the seeds that I still have but I would not order more. There are in my opinion better strains that I would rather grow again. Maui, ak48, papaya, somango. 

would you say its worth growing again?

When you say football you really mean soccer right?🤣 any other ⚽️ fans on here?

Beauties! What size tent and pots?

Do you know if Cannatonic might be back in stock? I read so many positive reviews and you recommended it to me, but it seem to be gone. 

just another day brother, just another day :)

geta sprayer thn just mist 




but im noob :)


Sure, but the big growers are all stoned.

and man this f plants don t like water so mouch 


Ok, I will keep them drier! Thanks for the advice! 

and man this f plants don t like water so mouch 


temps at 26c they will fly and maybe some perlight in your box :)


is it to wet?

Good question! I have the tray tilted so that the excess water run off to the bottom. and I lift it 3-4 times a day to water them. Could still be to wet, I dont know. Picture was taken right after watering.


Kind like an ebb and flow? 

Solid advice Tex, from Spider too! I will leave them as they are, for now. 

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