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This year we will do a OD and ID grow competition.

You can start when ever you want but the ID has to be be finished 1 oct and the OD has to be finished 1 nov.

You can use any strain of any seedbank of choice to enter also it does not matter if your choice is autoflower or photoperiod, same rules apply for this competition.

you can post your grow pictures in here whenever you want offcourse.

At the end you select the best 3 pics and post them *i will start a different post by then where you can post the pictures* and the people can vote who has the best grow at the end of the year.

The prices :

3 packs of choice for the indoor winner BUT he/she has to give 1 pack away to a random person (can be a friend or a random person on weedportal) and the same goes for the outdoor contest, 3 packs of choice for the winner BUT the winner has to give 1 pack away to another person (once again it can be a friend or a random person on wp)

Even tho its not much its better then nothing

And last but not least : Offcourse it would be nice to know what you are growing so if you post pictures do include the name of the strain in case people would be intrested to grow that strain themselfs (no matter what seedbank)


That’s a good way to keep track, I have to give that to you man.

Yeah if it vegs for that long it will take over the house. I think these are the times that represent the times you might find in the wild/ or outside grow? I think it will be long grow but don't see why it shouldn't behave like a long winded sativa. 9-11 wk or more flower ? it will be fun to find out.

im sure she did...lol is comin up on a year now

why so long in  veg? would it hurt to shorten the veg time?

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I broke down today and ordered seeds from Next Gen. thanks for the heads up ChAs. I've ALWAYS wanted to grow this strain !

Check the under sides of the leaf with a loop for mites. 

@Joshua,   I had to put an alarm on my phone 7:30 am and 7:30 pm @ Sub I used to take really good pics with my 35mm camera. @ Hulkster every plant in the LD, is a clone or a reg seed, that over the years I have bred. One of the reasons I'm doin the LD is to check out old seeds for specific phenos and quality. Over the years you can easily lose track of what is what. @ Smiles and CPW, some are in their 3rd week of flower and some are just starting. I'll need to wrap it up by July hopefully.  

Looks good man, I’d end up forgetting to move the tarp everyday an mess it up.

this is the variety I was drawn to


Genetics: Congo Black (Republic of the Congo)
Latitude: 4°S
Elevation: 2500 m.a.s.l.
Sourcing: private donor
Vegetative: 14-16 weeks
Flowering: between 13 and 16 weeks
Height:  2-3  metres
Aromas: Intense tangerine and mandarin, fruity, minty, menthol
Flavour: fragrant, sweet, tangerine, burnt wood
Effects: Very cerebral. extremely long lasting head high, lysergic, no ceiling, highly euphoric, psychdelic
Characteristics: vigorous, breeding tool
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor


the idea of tangerine flavors and scents sounds very fresh and the color will be interesting as well.

wonder what it will look like if grown with chillier nites on the finish? they have some interesting stuff. grabbed 5 for 60 euro. trying to match our weather to grow her indoors with cooler nites at the end.

and at 32 weeks it's going to be tricky, and long. just going to dedicate a tent to 3 of them. and I might look into a different nutrient system. right now just too many variables to juggle, want to simplify more as well.

if I get a male I should think to cross it . something I haven't explored yet. some of you seem to enjoy this, I should see whats so exciting🙂


yo dude, that is fiyah!!  ....and you can actually take decent pics too!!

more! some come in at 16 veg, 16 flower. I think these are higher numbers because of environment. the seeds I was looking at come frome a place where it is really hot most of the year. so long growing season is normal for it. It will be fun.

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Watch out, I tried that and my wife threatened to kill all the plants

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That is great to hear, thanks. I think the crosses I made with SSH and Lemon OG Haze will shorten the flowering time a little. 

I was looking at some landrace strains that take 18-24 weeks to flower, I am a patient man but screw that

Its not genetics and its not making the leaf stronger. Do you have other leaves that look like that?

Beautiful. Like the consistency of each plant, good genetics…..

You dont think its nute splash? 

Just asking not challenging, LOL

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New grow about 2 weeks in I’m going with 4 Blue Dream on the right and 2 Chemdawg both from Nirvana. I really did not care for the blue e dream first time I grew it and it did get me high I didn’t care for the smell or taste figure a quick flower time strain plus if I don’t like it again can’t say I didn’t give it a try. Ocean forest soil as usual after happy from transplanted yesterday 5 gal pots.

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what is this? looks like its spreading to other plants could be genetics? making the leaf stronger ?
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  •  · Check the under sides of the leaf with a loop for mites. 
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