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I order everything from delicious seeds now. I used to buy strictly nirvana but have since found better deals on delicious. You can also find alot of reputable breeders on IG.. Mantis Genetics, bakery genetics, are a few local breeders. Some offer just reg photos, other also offer a feminized line up. 

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What happened to all the old members that used to be on this site? Before the switch there was alot of people I used to do trades with and get alot of great knowledge! Hydro kid, nugwitch, etc.... And I'm trying to remember who the person was that always used to talk about autos rock! Those were from my early days here. 

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Just got my first order of genetics from delicious seeds today. I can say I am more than happy with the amount of freebies they send out. Ordered on Dec 29th and just received today. Not to mention we had a week long blizzard! Anyone ever grown the eleven roses auto? Also sugar black roses? 

I don't understand why the admin of this site don't implement the chat mod into the forum server.... I have ran forums and websites for 25 years and never held my chat on a separate server.... I've always said this website should be running xenforo or vbulletin. 

When mine got intercepted at JFK and I was sent a letter, they resent them. I just sent a email and a photo of the letter. AJ helped me. 

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Lost all order history as well. 

I don't send cash to anyone I don't know. And cashapp is a no go as well as once you're scammed cashapp won't help you... 

Looks like they don't want anyone ordering. Been 3 days an cc payment option is off. 

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Went to order the new release only to see they have disabled card processing. When did this take effect? 

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Anyone going to be ordering the new strain release from nirvana? They have it bogo! 

That's all I use when growing in soil. Coco Loco is cheaper than ocean forest and I have zero issues with deficiencies. Always ph my water to 5.8-6.2...

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