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I don't send cash to anyone I don't know. And cashapp is a no go as well as once you're scammed cashapp won't help you... 

Looks like they don't want anyone ordering. Been 3 days an cc payment option is off. 

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Went to order the new release only to see they have disabled card processing. When did this take effect? 

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Anyone going to be ordering the new strain release from nirvana? They have it bogo! 

That's all I use when growing in soil. Coco Loco is cheaper that ocean forest and I have zero issues with deficiencies. Always ph my water to 5.8-6.2...

It's almost as if that was their intention. Instagram is my go to now if I need to swap anything. 

Every platform I have ran and operated the chat feature was included. It's just a flip of a few settings in the admin control panel. 

For a company like nirvana I don't know why they don't build a vbulletin or xenforo platform website. I've ran vbulletin websites for 15 years and never have had a problem with bots. Also the chat box don't cost extra. Weedportal needs to move to a better platform. 

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I've been trying to get some of your famous creations.... 🔥💪

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