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Yes they went around us. My nephew lives south of me and he had to stop on the highway. Wind had him on 2 wheels. 

'Too much light for the plant to process so she droops to avoid.


  • the solution is to move the light further away alternately dim the light if you can..... or put some kind of shade netting over the plants, in between plant and light. until the plant feels comfortable with the amount of ppfd"
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Well the outdoor grow challenge is coming along well. Haven't used any nutrients yet. They are just growing off the happy frog soil for now. I will probably mix up a light mix for them this weekend. 

Friend just did a Malibu, we went with a LS1 motor in it. Last motor I built was a 400 out of a 79 monte. We've started leaning heavily on LS motors. 

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Elkhorn, NE got hit hard! 

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