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Maybe you used your Visa card for the international order overseas and your card holder put it as a red flag I've had the exact same thing happen to me and that's why when I buy my beans from Nirvana I send them cash

Customs is our enemy! They hold our packages back for there pleasure. Our seeds are ruined by customs in the extreme temperatures and mishandling. Nirvana has always treated me real well. I understand that they're Halfway Around the World and in another country so it takes some time for our correspondence. However like I said they've always been real good to me and replaced anything that Customs messed up and either ruined or just didn't get to me Alice Nirvana and lupus Nirvana has always helped me with the situations

It's a auto that started budding two weeks after start

No the leaves will bend with it still they have not gotten brittle yet. It's a seventy five day finisher and it's thirteen days away from that day

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No just threw that in to make the picture perfect lol

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