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Growing in an illegal state. 68 yo here. Smoke weed every day and stay young!

Amazon quit pre screening for weed months ago. 😀👍✌️


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Don't cook it too long. Àlso turn the heat down. I wait until it starts to get a little thick, not runny. Get it then. If you let it get too thick too fast it is a pain. 

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What is happening? In hydro. pH 6.4, temp 74 deg. Ppm 467. 6th week of flower. Looks like she's dying. Please help.

Sounds like great ideas, all. There were 12 seeds total. Going to try’em out.

I noticed a big difference within 2 hours. Going to include it in my nutrients.

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Anybody use that REV plant food? Think I'll give it a try.

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Good advice all!

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Definitely nute burn. Its on the tips of all of the leaves. Must be some powerful soil. Week 9 of flower? Have you started your flush yet? If not, I would. They will really start to turn brown as they use up the nutes. Good growing. 

Cool, thanks fellas.

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What is happening? In hydro. pH 6.4, temp 74 deg. Ppm 467. 6th week of flower. Looks like she's dyin…
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  •  · My guess is it’s an iron or sulfur def caused by ur ph being to high, if it was nitrogen the bottom …

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DWC Grow Lights - Mars Hydro TSW - 2000W. X2 Germination started 5/9/21.  5/16/21  All 6 are looking good. Waiting for roots to show. 5/17 - Reservoir - PH 6.1, Temp. 69 degrees, PPM - 418-423 Running Rapid Start, General Hydroponics Nutrients. Dosage 1/4 tsp. Per gal.  6/7/21 Did first water change and added GH Nutes to the mix. Water temps are running 75 degrees but all roots are good and white. PH is running 5.6 to 5.9 average. PPM 430 - 435.  Started 2 Skunk 1's that ill be running in the 3x3 tent under a MH SP-150. Think ill need more light? I will be posting this grow under another header when they start to grow more.