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Growing in an illegal state. 68 yo here. Smoke weed every day and stay young!

Wonder if it has to do with all of the different products that promote tricomb development? I know they work, just to what degree?

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I had a Gelato plant do the same thing. Got about 12 seeds. Never did anything with them.

I sure can! Used to hate when that happened. I had so many pants with holes inem.

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Fried xhicken.

Perfect. 45 RH better. Looks fantastic! What a load! 

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Mars Hydro TSW 2000W. Excellent budget light.

Great start are you going to manifold  it? What strain?

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Anybody seen trics. Like this before? This is from a Jack Herer harvested recently.  
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  •  · Crazy looking!!    Thx 4 the share.
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What is happening? In hydro. pH 6.4, temp 74 deg. Ppm 467. 6th week of flower. Looks like she's dyin…
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  •  · My guess is it’s an iron or sulfur def caused by ur ph being to high, if it was nitrogen the bottom …

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Alcapolco Gold

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5 AG that are 5 weeks old. 

Flowering Now

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Wedding Cake, Trainwreck, LSD, Amnesia and Pre 98 Bubba Cush

Trainwreck x2 , GG4, Pre 98 Bubba Kush and Amnesia x2

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DWC Grow Lights - Mars Hydro TSW - 2000W. X2 Germination started 5/9/21.  5/16/21  All 6 are looking good. Waiting for roots to show. 5/17 - Reservoir - PH 6.1, Temp. 69 degrees, PPM - 418-423 Running Rapid Start, General Hydroponics Nutrients. Dosage 1/4 tsp. Per gal.  6/7/21 Did first water change and added GH Nutes to the mix. Water temps are running 75 degrees but all roots are good and white. PH is running 5.6 to 5.9 average. PPM 430 - 435.  Started 2 Skunk 1's that ill be running in the 3x3 tent under a MH SP-150. Think ill need more light? I will be posting this grow under another header when they start to grow more.