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Cool. What kind. I bet your neighbors press will have a gauge and bottle jack. I think this one will press1200 lbs of pressure,  which with the 2"x3" pads you really don't  need more.  Digital temp controls. 

Has anyone ever heard of this stuff?

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Dry things out some if you can.  Go an extra day between watering.  Lots of air flow, the fly tape or yellow sticky traps will eliminate the adults. The larvae dry, dry, dry.  Get some diatomaceous earth and put it down to make a barrier like R's suggested with the sand, the diatomaceous earth does the same thing and kills any leftovers. Switch to coco coir and perlite. Go hydroponic, I did some years back and I have just had greaser buds and much faster growth, I understand the appeal of organic and if that's your jam, Rock it.

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I like what you have done with the main stem. What do you call that?

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I think it's called Rodelization. That's we're nature finds a way. The female gets lonely and fertilizes herself. Lots of plants do like this all the time.

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Good morning to all. This rosin sure has motivated me to make some frosty material. Mars hydro

MH-300-60LED,   Amazon DVD 60 watts GT600, and last but probably (ebay) my bet 150 watt led dialed to the lowest possible setting and it still lights. GL 150B.  Approximately 5.5 week old been in flower for about 6 or 7 days????   I gallon fabric pots with Gh flora in coco. 5 foot ceilings. For first time. Manatuska is the strain.

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This is my attempt at making a grow light. I will keep wp up to speed how it does. It's running 6 x70 watt 2450k, 4x 40 watt full spectrum bright white and 2x40 watt purple grow light on far outside.  For a grand total of 660 watts if my math is right.

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I decided to go led, but my way.  It's around 4x 70 watts, 6x27 watts ,2x40 watts=about 520 ish watts total. The picture is two 70 watt and 1 40 watt. The white cree 6x27watts are off and the other half of bloom is off.

I pressed two,2"x 3"  100 micron, 3.5-4 g. Bags and my return was 1.7 gs. The rosin seems to last quite a bit longer then bho. And I like the effects better as well.

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Good morning to all. This rosin sure has motivated me to make some frosty material. Mars hydro MH-30…
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