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A little research on you tube will get you going. Search "wbs tek mushrooms" or something close to that and there are hundreds of tutorials. 

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A classic strain.

Some LST is always in order.

You said it.  Should have known better. Outside, water bath,good ventilation, no sparks or flames, and keep the amount of butane boiling off to a minimum. Wait between blasts and allow most of the liquid to evaporate and disapate. People tend to get complacent and that's why I don't smoke cigarettes. 

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That's KILLING IT! Nice. Great genetics, I have seen Ripper seeds advertising but never knew anything about them. They look awesome! You have done a good thing! Whoa!

You did a good insemination.  Damn that's a lot of beans, F1's... I'm drooling. 


Killing it Bob.  Those are two of my favorite breeders.  Delicious and nirvana two good value see co. In my book.

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