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Que belo arranjo de planta 🤠

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30 dias de floracão. 🌲👽🤠🌍🌾🤌✌😘

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15 days after the last post, they grew a lot to the ceiling. 😲

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The party girls continue with their non-stop dancing. they are 24 days old and I will change to flowering with 30 days of vegetative.


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Auto Mimosa x Orange punch

Auto Skunk #1

Auto Coockies Gelato

Auto 2x purple

O mal que parou de enviar para o Brazil.

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hello. Growing a female plant, I harvested and found some seeds. the question is, will the seeds also be female?

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Novo Ciclo OG Kush (Nirvana Seeds)

Iniciando mais um ciclo com 4x OG Kush (Nirvana Seeds)Tenda 60x60x1,40QB 150wPots AirSolo:Coco= 60%Terra= 10%Perlita= 10%Humus de minhoca= 20%+ Bokashi