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Do you know if Cannatonic might be back in stock? I read so many positive reviews and you recommended it to me, but it seem to be gone. 

but im noob :)


Sure, but the big growers are all stoned.

and man this f plants don t like water so mouch 


Ok, I will keep them drier! Thanks for the advice! 

is it to wet?

Good question! I have the tray tilted so that the excess water run off to the bottom. and I lift it 3-4 times a day to water them. Could still be to wet, I dont know. Picture was taken right after watering.


Kind like an ebb and flow? 

Solid advice Tex, from Spider too! I will leave them as they are, for now. 

Ok, I guess I will leave as it is for now then. I think the temperautre is ok, the T5/CFL gives off some warmth. Humidity was low though, 30% I think. Is that important? I have a humidifier somewhere if needed. 

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It looks like I am just about see some activity from the seeds I put in the plugs. Would they grow much faster if I use the 400w metal halide light compared to the 100 w (or less) CFL I am using now, or is the difference at this stage more marginal?



Ok, thats a great picture, how big pot is this and how big would be recommmended?

Solid stem there!

You kept her in vegative state for some time before flipping right?

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I honestly dont know the answer to that, but thats a great question, guess I assumed they were feminized! This must be answered today!


Been years for me too since last time, stuff happens of course but there are at least some mistake I will not do this time. 

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8oz sounds like a great first grow! I am sure we will get all the help we need here. I ordered Critical and Aurora myself, see how it works out this time. I am better prepared this time at least. 

Ok, this makes good sense. I also make the towels way to wet, beyond dripping. I will train some more :-) 


This drawing from Grow weed easy shows a single fold. I like the plates though, makes sure there is air coming in. I would just prefer some other medium than the paper. But I will try again when I get my new seeds.


With my currently ongoing " the great 100 seed experiment"  with my very old seeds, its just some water in a ash tray. There is not enough water to drown the seeds. It seem to work. Not sure if it is better or advisable, but it does seem to work. 

It could well be just me but I cant get myself to like that method for some reason


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