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Heres the weird one, I intentionally left the weird parts intact to see what will become of it. I assume she is fine so I keep her in vegative mode and can take clones from her if needed.

Thanks, I am a little bewildered to whats going on. I have done quite a few things lately that might be the reason (humidity, cooled to much, light from 75% to 100% etc) ,so it is hard to figure out if it is this or that. I was thinking of flipping the switch to 12/12 but now I am not sure if I should see her get well first of if I should move on with the 12/12.

Thank you for reminding me about the pH and its ability to utilize certain nutrients, I had forgotten all about it since the last time I grew. Back then I remember they said that soil was very forgiving in this regard. 

I think I leave the pH mysteries aside for now and focus more on temperature and humidity issues here, those seems more urgent to me right now. So glad I didnt choose to go with the 600w HPS and 400w MH for my grow, lol. 


I have had many pH pens, expensive wallmounted ones and cheaper ones from eBay etc, had several calibration liquids etc. I never found them to be very reliable compared to each other, only the more expensive ones and only when they were reasonabley new. 

Thats my experience at least.

Did some measuring:

1. RO water is the yellow-greenish one

2. Ready mixed nutrients+CalMag is the Orange one.

3. Also measured RO+CalMag but that looked exactly like the yellow-greenish one so no photo added. 


Nutrients are Terra Aquatica tri part.


Any thoughts?

Would you say 50-70% would be a good humidity at this stage? 

Thanks for the advise. I will check the ph after mixing nutrients, could be a thing. I use regular soil and perlite.

I doubt this one leaf had sunburn because this leaf was  buried benath the others. 

I see on the nutrient bottles there is something called pre-flower. I guess I am at that stage now? I might flip the switch any day now really. 

I feel this picture lies a little, I dont see the plant as nice and green with my own eyes, I assume the camera is doing something. I can still see some rusty spots here and there. 


Btw, humidity is low, 30% perhaps. Humidifer broke, and the replacement doesnt work with an external on/off switch. Waiting for replacement :-(



Added a discussion 

There are some other leaves that look a bit scruffy too. I use RO water and mix nutes according to the 3 bottles I use. I add Calmag every time. I could however double the Calmag according to the bottle. 

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