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Very nice trim job plant going to give you some nice buds.

It is a bushy plant but looks very healthy. Nice setup!

Thanks in advance, i’m feeding the the bloom cording to the package of a later day plant also given that Cal Meg, which equals to about 2200 ppm with purified water, pH is 5.8-6.2. These off color leaves are only on my one DWC the three other plants started exact same day in Coco look very good.

Nobody running here, I don’t think it’s light burn because the leaves at the bottom that aren’t getting much light has the same yellow edges. It’s really got me puzzled because I got three plants in Coco that they all started at the same time and they’re doing fine with this one plant in DWC is having a rough go about it. Thanks for your help. CPW.

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Ok I ordered some blueberry Kush autos, and blue dream autos. I’m going to try growing some of them outdoors, and some under the lights. Any advice Guys? I’ve grown several crops, but never autos.

I am wanting to try an auto outdoors. Not sure how that’s going to go never grown autos before.

Yeah, I’m 4 1/2 weeks into flowering and the off-color leaves started at the top, I was afraid that they were getting too much nutrients so I went a week just water you know they’re in the DWC I was feeding them, 2200 ppm.

Very good looking bud there I like the way the orange is mixing in with the purple

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Very good looking plant, I think you must have topped it a couple times.

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Here is a couple of pictures of the leaves on my PPP growing in DWC, it seems as the bad leaves started towards the top, but not right at the top and now it’s kinda all over the tips are brown pointing down and the edges are yellow. I tried growing with just plain water for a week didn’t seem to help I’ve been trying a foliar spray with low-dose of Cal Mag. Help please.
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Ok I ordered some blueberry Kush autos, and blue dream autos. I’m going to try growing some of them …
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