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Need Advice From Outdoor Growers


(Sandy loam,frost dates April 15 and October 15, mid Atlantic,United States)

I used Nirvana's filter,(Outdoor,Sativa,Easy) and it returned Durban Poison, Green Crack,and Trainwreck.

Do you have outdoor experience with any of the strains listed above? Which one would you choose?

Thank you.

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Replies (6)
    • can't go wrong with durban outside

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      • I would stay away from Green Crack, a few growers have had some wonderful plants but they seem to have several different phenos that are way less than wonderful. Maybe it was a bad batch of seeds because it seemed like several of us had problems with it

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        • the Green Crack plants i grew a few yrs ago was awesome..huge colas and sticky as hell...was good stuff.. but wasnt Nirvana's.. got em from a diff vendor...i crossed the green crack several times with diff strains for my seed collection but havnt followed up on how they are yet...lol   green crack x orange bud and green crack SBR and green crack NYC diesel and green crack x papaya from back in 2016 and 2019..they are some that are on the back burner..lol

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          • Who was the breeder? By what I hear and read that should be a favorite of mine. I still have 2 Papaya seeds from about 2016, I wonder if the seeds today are from the same parents. 

            Truth is I still struggle with the idea of how to keep a strain "pure" without keeping the original parents going 

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            • I am wanting to try an auto outdoors. Not sure how that’s going to go never grown autos before.

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              • DP plant in May and make sure if your in a pot it has plenty of room for her roots. 

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