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long time enthusiast, just started more seriously growing, because being home all the time put me in a place to pursue my interest much further. electrician by trade retired. 

Growing is the balm that sooths the day and the flowers of my labors heals our home. 

As the new sun rises, fresh made coffee wafting through the air,

Do we wait and heal? Or go find the things that we thought we might miss when death waved a hand in passing? Every minute precious, what to do, what to do.

Yeah if it vegs for that long it will take over the house. I think these are the times that represent the times you might find in the wild/ or outside grow? I think it will be long grow but don't see why it shouldn't behave like a long winded sativa. 9-11 wk or more flower ? it will be fun to find out.

this is the variety I was drawn to


Genetics: Congo Black (Republic of the Congo)
Latitude: 4°S
Elevation: 2500 m.a.s.l.
Sourcing: private donor
Vegetative: 14-16 weeks
Flowering: between 13 and 16 weeks
Height:  2-3  metres
Aromas: Intense tangerine and mandarin, fruity, minty, menthol
Flavour: fragrant, sweet, tangerine, burnt wood
Effects: Very cerebral. extremely long lasting head high, lysergic, no ceiling, highly euphoric, psychdelic
Characteristics: vigorous, breeding tool
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor

the idea of tangerine flavors and scents sounds very fresh and the color will be interesting as well.

wonder what it will look like if grown with chillier nites on the finish? they have some interesting stuff. grabbed 5 for 60 euro. trying to match our weather to grow her indoors with cooler nites at the end.

and at 32 weeks it's going to be tricky, and long. just going to dedicate a tent to 3 of them. and I might look into a different nutrient system. right now just too many variables to juggle, want to simplify more as well.

if I get a male I should think to cross it . something I haven't explored yet. some of you seem to enjoy this, I should see whats so exciting🙂

more! some come in at 16 veg, 16 flower. I think these are higher numbers because of environment. the seeds I was looking at come frome a place where it is really hot most of the year. so long growing season is normal for it. It will be fun.

I guess if you are paying 125 per seed, the cream of genetics, and you dedicated a year or so to the project it would genuinely pay off and fun.

I guess it would be a pivotal skill moment to bring it to it's best, too. I suppose if I had the spare time and money, I would probably not be so shy of the idea of spending that kind of change.

I think for my money I will spend the time with a land race. try to get her to give me her best. Just so I can taste a pure genetic line, well close to one as we can get these days. simple.  

Tissue culture is easy if you have a sterile place to work in, incubator (a warmish place, thinking seedling temps) a light for young growth.

And the media to grow in. 

And the time. 

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I did some last year inside and out. Didn't  do many pictures 

Shit! 1250 for pack of seed!

Ok does it bleed gold and silver? WtF

Ok I think that's, well they don't even tell you how many. Of course this is nuts. Wow 

This makes as many cuts that I need, has stone and an airpump runs all the time but probably doesn't need to I suppose

Right now its doing an impressive impression of a DWC tank 😄 holding reveg and misc unlabeled cuts. 

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what are we looking at? looks really nice and frosty on the edges, love it

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I put mine out for some extra hours just before the lights went out inside and they got an extra by the difference.4 or so hours I'd guess.

i put them in a shady spot so they would get some shade for the rest of the day, and shade in the morning before being hit with full sun for a few hours. after a couple days or they are looking healthy put them  out in the sun

2.5 mils / gal Calmag until wk before finish? Heard it wasn't needed to finish. And anything it can do without is ok by me

I think some here mentioned something called Highgrade. Goes with your phone and grades and checks potentcy.

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Black Sugar #1

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This is it, final days. Would be nice to see a few more amber trichs but they haven't changed much in a day or so. Might be as amber as they get. Or they just don't get crazy dark in this iteration.


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The BS training defoil

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Here is the slowest of three Black Sugars. She had a defoliation and training spa today. She is going for more veg and training. Notice whats going on inside, letting in the light! If I am lucky those bottom branches will become nice colas. Or buds. Not fussy. 

The BS training defoil

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  •  · Mark D
Here is the slowest of three Black Sugars. She had a defoliation and training spa today. She is going for more veg and training. Notice whats going on inside, letting in the light! If I am lucky those bottom branches will become nice colas. Or buds. Not fussy.