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long time enthusiast, just started more seriously growing, because being home all the time put me in a place to pursue my interest much further. electrician by trade retired. I am afraid cancer rules our house at the moment both my wife and I.  Growing is the balm that sooths the day and the flowers of my labors heals our home. peace.

I have heard good things from those who grow it.

Immortalize it in pictures and smoke it, absolutely. 

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Hope everyone has a great day!

Sprouting chamber for the autos. Want to get it right, need to step up the game. Soil temp and chamber temp/humidity.  

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Pretty little trichs, not seeing many clear ones. Letting go until it really ripe. CBD strain should be a couch lock in my mind.laughing wonder if they will ripen more red than amber, looking like it. Sorry not a great pic

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First day for Nirvana Aurora, Happy Birthday! laughing

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Sparkly, very shiny. Nice!

I have used seed mats under my plants. worked really well.

might be ok really depends on how long you have to do it. Wishing you the best

The purp color is coming out in the trichs very cool

Big fan of fans. good way to control the environment. I opt for a steady flow from an input Fan/filter and an out also fan/filter combination. not too much unless the humidity gets high then full on. using leds it's not so much about heat for me as humidity. my Intake sits in a constant cool of 69 or so right now, flowing at a low setting and just enough out to have a neg feel to the tent. just a smidge. Been working so far, need to add humidity right now we are a dry 40's, been boosting it to 60's with a cool sonic fog setup. ( sounds better than plastic qt container with pond fogger)laughing

Inside I like the standard cheap tent fan from HD, the black one you can zip tie the f r anywhere also have a 6" clip fan for cross breeze, not too strong.

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