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I use my jewels loupe. 

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Good looking cola!

Hey Rob! Welcome to the portal! That is a beautiful plant! I have nothing to add with crossing strains but there are a lot of great growers here that should have some input. 

I tried outside once! I live on a main street and I was doing some yard work when I heard a dog barking. I looked up and it was a k9 unit. The dog was going crazy. I couple of minutes later they came back going the other direction. I started wondering at that point. The plant was flowering so it did smell. A few minutes later he had parked at the end of our street and was walking up the street. I calmly walked into the back yard and as soon as I was out of site I ran like hell pulled the plant and sunk it in our pond. After that I just about had a heart attack (lol). That was the last time I tried outdoor growing. 

Great to see you passing through! Just got back myself! Got to meet my grandson! Great looking plants!

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