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Great job on a beautiful plant 🪴!

Really good call! A plant that size in coco is really going to have a large root ball by this time. 

Very true! It is hard to over water with coco.

Pictures would be super helpful but in reading your post my first thought is overwatering but without Pictures it's hard to say. BTW,  welcome to the portal!

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I have started doing the same thing. I have a pretty good reserve built up so I have started getting a little more picky between the bud I save for smoking and the buds I use for edibles. 

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I am making edibles this morning so as I was getting ready to decarb I came across this bud. To pretty not to smoke. California Orange. 

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Good morning King! I actually didn't mark down when I flipped this plant so I'm not sure how long it has been flowering. I really don't put much stock in paying attention to the calendar because I have had plants that have finished earlier and later than what the calendar has said they should be. Imo, there are so many different variables in the environments we create for our plants that shorten or extend the growing times. Imo if your trichomes are starting to cloud you might want to start with something like MOAB in your routine to help bulk up the colas as they finish. I have been really happy with the fox farm open sesame, beastie bloom, and cha ching as supplements in flowering. I don't remember right off what you grow in but I have noticed that my plants seem to finish early in the coco loco. Hope this helps 

The plants look really good other than a bit over watered. From what I can see in all the pictures I can find any issues that you are talking about. Honestly I would back off on the water on the plants that look wilted and keep on trucking. 

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Cali Orange tonight!

That's a good point. I could be completely wrong but in my opinion the buds that develop in the lower portions of the plant don't develop the same potency as the top buds that receive the most interest light. That is why I first started to Scrog, to expose more of the bud sites to the most intense light that I can. Any of the buds that develop below the main level of my canopy I generally use for edibles and save the top of the colas for smoking. 

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