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OK, tux and wait, will do. thx a lot.

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Hi! Six days after flipping to flower, looks great but crowded, so I am considering trim some fan leaves. Should I? Thx.

Good share, thx, Bro.

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Could be light burn, young leaves are very tender and vulnerable. you may want to dimmer the light. Impossible to be nutrients deficiency as this age.

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Its light burn. nothing wrong with this medium.

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Hello, guyswink. according to situation this image shows, should I switch now? or wait a couple of days.

thx, Mark, u r the first visitor for this post, and other people give the pretty same answers as yours, thx a lot.

thx, king,  dolomite lime really helps, and yeah, growweedeasy.com is a great website,

It has recovered and grown a little bit, thx for ur advises which made me relaxed.

Ok, I will let it go for a while. thanks a lot. Weedportal is a good place.

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