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enter your intrest over here...or not

The ppl of wp are not stupid and they see if stuff is rigged or not... indoor is indoor and outdoor is outdoor :)


If i would vote i would go for Hulk or Mark D personally btw

Saterday it will be 1 october and the indoor competition closes so make sure to upload your pics before its to late !! :)

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its our og kush grown by dough


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still no reaction from pipeman ? :P

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OG Kush from a customer

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That moment you get a heat problem...

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The grower of these plants stopped growing for personal reasons, i spoke with yesterday when he contacted me again and he wants to get back into growing asap :) 

indeed we used to sell medusa but when we dont sell enough of a certain strain we discontinue that strain (like crystal, kaya, medusa etc)

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