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enter your intrest over here...or not

tomorrow the programmers are in office again i heard and then they will have a look for you

all i can say is that i cant look into it myself but will let the programmers know tomorrow when they get to office and hopefully they have time to look into it quickly for you peeps

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will let them know tomorrow, 3:35 am over here atm.

the people on wp are indeed ppl with alot of knowledge and the hearth at the right place, always willing to help so you dont have to worry, they will advice you the best they can when needed!

(personal opinion) If you are sure you can get more out of the 2 i would not waste my time and nutrients on the other plants and just go for those 2 and make the best possible outta those 2, and dont worry as even tho it can be hearthbreaking when something goes wrong do keep in mind its nature you play with + you are only human.

We all know that normally you have all great plants so im sure its not your intention nor fault, those 3 plants just were to small, to weak or they just did not felt like it but dont blame it on yourself :)

is it because of the closeup? as i see tiny little st ripes in the leaves..


damn nice looking bud you got there!

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This person already grew some Nirvana and is growing Skywalker OG (week 3) as we speak, he has a decent setup and provides good info :)

You can find his grow over here : Nirvana Skywalker Og grow diary (journal) week3 by WhiteEdge - GrowDiaries 

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Saw this Lemon OG Haze coming by at www.growdiaries.com  and just had to share it.

The person who grew this did a good job, it's looking very nice even tho i do see pheno's

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Also we have a competition on our facebook and instagram page to win a free pack of seeds :)

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Have a great week everyone! 


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