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enter your intrest over here...or not

lol its nirvana's lemon og haze CPW, cant tell you the growers name offcourse who sent me the pics.

And i dont know what lights he is using, but if you want i can ask him what kind of light he uses CPW

Maci please sent a support ticket with the mail adress you use here, and in the topic just write : i am this weeks wp winner
That way we can varify we have the correct person and we can get back to you.

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And the winner of last contest is....

they are on steroids :)

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This will be another simple contest, which strain do you like the best ??...


Rules : 

1: Go to www.nirvanashop.com

2: Select the strain you love the most and copy the url in this post


That should be simple enough rite ? :)

Monday we announce a random winner who wins the strain he/she selected

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I never been in a war and i hope it never gets to that point...

Because you gave up your freedom, i can have mine....


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And the winner of this who founded nirvana contest is.....

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