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DWC Hydroponic, Aquaponic and Aeroponic grower; former ASE master certified Jaguar and Volvo technician, musician, mathematician, Computer programmer. Dedicated problem solver with the mind of a technician and a shit-load of resources

ive got an SF4000

puts out more than enough light

a good bit of heat too

haha! no problem! if Hulk doesnt win this one, the contest is rigged!

very cool Vince. what light are you running?

just put the net/cage on this one. This was the most vigorous plant i had going so it gets the SCRoG. going to do a bucket change soon

those are impressive Hulk, my friend! how old are they from seed??

those are all well established plants in my opinion. at first glance i thought you started cloning. good luck on the next gen. best of luck with that hurricane! definitely stay prepared!

ive had plenty of flower times that were quite close to what the breeder claimed but on Photoperiod plants!

You auto guys are on your own! (too damn fickle for me)

wow you keep spreadsheets? pretty organized!!

I like to post my stuff on WP for future reference with growing info, date, ect.

(unfortunately my years of old records were erased when WP3 restarted)

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always thought Calmag was first and Silica was last.. here is the 'proper' order to add nutrients …
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  •  · thanks! i was mainly trying to determine how to add microbes and not end up killing them
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hey buddies! This question is asked alot but im gonna ask it again. 1 Ounce good flower 1 pound b…
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  •  · i wash the side 2 the water of butter n the bowl with warm enough water 2 remove that nasty taste ..…
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Let me know cause this offer is going fast!
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  •  · You're always hooking it up! Greatly appreciated! 
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transplanted this about a week ago. full Texas sunlight. i let it dry a bit the last few days and ad…
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  •  · Love that stuff for soil!!! One product you can see the results
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Anyone know any breeders that sell single seeds besides Dank? (feminized photoperiods please)  
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  •  · That said i do a little math and with the cost of shipping my minimum buy is usually 3. 
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Whats the difference between Kief and hash?
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  •  · i prefer bubble hash rolled in kief sprinkled on a bowel of good bud.  

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Contest entry ~ Bubblicious

soaking one seed! I considered Northern Lights or California Orange Bud but ive grown it before

Hydroponic Heirloom Beefsteak

making a chicken salad and didnt want to go to HEB (its a Texas thing) so i picked a tomato a bit early. Frozen garlic toast for croutons

The Happy Frog

my friend came to visit me at the hydro store! prety sure its the same lil guy as the other night!!

Aurora Indica transplant

transplanting this little darlin to an 8 inch net pot. a little algae there. Mason jars are not ideal except for the 3 inch mouth. i can probably use aluminum foil to block the light. i might run all 4 plants using no air stones

Aeroponic veggies

Aeroponic/hydroponic veggies: Micro Tom hybrid cherry tomato, Mutton Pepper, Shishito peppers, Sweet Carnival Bell peppers