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yo dude, that is fiyah!!  ....and you can actually take decent pics too!!

Ohhhh...  well how much is "too much" Ca/Mg?

I use 5 ml per gallon, pretty much all the way through

I'd love to hear other opinions on the subject as well

In my opinion I think you need Cal/Mg through out the whole grow. N not so much. Not after the stretch

i see what you are saying.  light is placed squarely above the net @ 80% Spiderfarmer SF4000. Same as my  Cali Orange SCRoG i did last year. (Im still smoking that stuff!!)

i swear this plant is like 10 or 12 inches tall if that. i will put out a sideways shot tonight. its really stout and pictures dont do it justice

Locking out? i dont know. i agree that it has a deficiency of N but ive been doing complete fresh bucket changes using Distilled water.

to be honest it needs a larger tote for the roots. Everytime i do a bucket change i swap buckets with tap water and let it soak for a half hour or so before going into my fresh bucket. there is always a ton of root material in the bottom of the bucket.

Thanks for checking her out!

golf ball sized buds. i count about 60 or so..  the plant didnt stretch as tall as i wanted it to. I did a bucket change last night with Cha-Ching for its higher Nitrogen content. I also switched from a (4-0-0) CaMg to a (1-0-0) CaMg. However, the non-SCRog plants are getting relatively the same feedings with no yellow leaf.    The price of an education!!

right and thats why i keep it on a table. still has the rubber feet but they sure dont last forever

they will vibrate right off the table if you dont. i dont know if gluing it down hurt it in any way but i had to hold it down. the thing has run  24 hrs. a day for many days over the last few years

10 days is about what it takes me too!

Aloe works! its not just for cuts and burns

Added a post 

Walked into the grow room today as normal but noticed an intermittent rattle every few seconds. traced it down to coming from my air pump. I usually glue them down to the table so they wont vibrate so much. i checked for suitable airflow and to make sure it wasnt overheating but i noticed a little black carbon-like powder on the underside of the pump. not too big a deal (i have another pump i can use)

did you ever actually fulfill your Columbia house agreement by purchasing 9 records/tapes at full price?

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Contest entry ~ Bubblicious

soaking one seed! I considered Northern Lights or California Orange Bud but ive grown it before

Hydroponic Heirloom Beefsteak

making a chicken salad and didnt want to go to HEB (its a Texas thing) so i picked a tomato a bit early. Frozen garlic toast for croutons

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my friend came to visit me at the hydro store! prety sure its the same lil guy as the other night!!

Aurora Indica transplant

transplanting this little darlin to an 8 inch net pot. a little algae there. Mason jars are not ideal except for the 3 inch mouth. i can probably use aluminum foil to block the light. i might run all 4 plants using no air stones

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Aeroponic/hydroponic veggies: Micro Tom hybrid cherry tomato, Mutton Pepper, Shishito peppers, Sweet Carnival Bell peppers