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backbuilding. its for repairing foxtails. what strain are you working on? just curious

2 ml per liter is the going rate per my bottle. thats about 7 ml per gallon. But many people add alot more than that

no Calmag???




                                                                                                ...get a rope!

awesome! Looks excellent!  ive got California Orange coming this week and it will be my second time growing it! Quite a stretcher huh? All 5 of mine all needed support too! might be ideal for SCROG. 

smaller than Romas? okay! thanks! im thinking of making a shrimp ceviche with these or a chunky salsa

kinda small but it was my first attempt at hydroponic tomatoes. I figure i need more than a 5 gallon bucket for larger fruit. idk. i mainly used Advanced Nutrients Sensi-cal  @ 6ml/gallon and 1/16 MOAB for the high phosphorus and potassium. also used Piranha and Voodoo Juice for the root microbes

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dont get me wrong! aero-cloners are great especially if you are in soil or coco. not so friendly with rockwool or rooter plugs. on average i get about 10-14 days from cutting to clone in a humidity dome using aloe as a rooting agent. 

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i use calmag with RO water or distilled. If your city water is decent your tap water has calcium in it! I used to use tap water regularly in DWC but the city had prblems not long ago and we had a mandatory water boil a few months ago due to contaminants so i dont  touch the stuff

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Banana Kush 9 weeks flower

Banana Kush Mother and daughter from Dank seed at 9 weeks. These were heavy feeders and barely burnt the tips where the same feeding was to much for other plants. Used all RO water for this one too. will go a few more days longer, as the trichs are already cloudy on both. The buds and colas all had unusual foxtail shape 

Roots and Nutes

 Advanced Nutrients in DWC Hydroponics with decent results and little maintenance

Aloe Clones

These are Clones of GSC done using Aloe Vera for a rooting hormone