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DWC Hydroponic, Aquaponic and Aeroponic grower; former ASE master certified Jaguar and Volvo technician, musician, mathematician, Computer programmer. Dedicated problem solver with the mind of a technician and a shit-load of resources

i give alot of likes when someone says something encouraging or clever. CPW and Texasbob get alot of likes, ChAs420 and king get alot of them but alot of times it puts out Hahas for no reason and when im not even here

also I almost always give likes for pics

most people throw Boveda 62% packs in to maintain

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i think any beneficial bacteria is a good thing! there are a ton out on the market! even some enzymes are a good start. I use piranha and voodoo juice. both very good and very pricey

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i remember harley24 was doing like 25 Blueberry autos and like 16 of them refused to flower!! fucked him all up! hope hes still around!

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i got 4 strains of tomatoes going right now Green Zebra, Costoluto Genovesse, Heirloom Beefsteak and Black Krim, they grow similarly to weed. large plant, lots of roots! I would encourage anyone!

Autos can sometimes be a bit photosensitive, in my brief experience with them. In theory you should be fine with 24 hours of light but thats just not the case

werent you the one who was worried about a three day old plant being slow?

You need patience, Daniel~san!!

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Where is Roscoe these days?  justme? thisisme? harley24?  i hope theyre still around and healthy
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  •  · The other thing I dont get is why didnt I get a notice that you responded 5 days ago.

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Hydroponic Heirloom Beefsteak

making a chicken salad and didnt want to go to HEB (its a Texas thing) so i picked a tomato a bit early. Frozen garlic toast for croutons

The Happy Frog

my friend came to visit me at the hydro store! prety sure its the same lil guy as the other night!!

Aurora Indica transplant

transplanting this little darlin to an 8 inch net pot. a little algae there. Mason jars are not ideal except for the 3 inch mouth. i can probably use aluminum foil to block the light. i might run all 4 plants using no air stones

Aeroponic veggies

Aeroponic/hydroponic veggies: Micro Tom hybrid cherry tomato, Mutton Pepper, Shishito peppers, Sweet Carnival Bell peppers

The Great Cali SCRoG

finally able to harvest this plant! my grand total dry weight came out to be:     11.8 ounces!

Kratky vs. Deep Water Culture

Side by side test using California Orange Bud clones. One in Krakty (passive hydroponics) and one with a pump and air stone. This test has been done by many gardners and the results are