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I kinda missed my timing with 3 of the clones. I wanted them to veg a bit longer but they didnt put roots out fast enough. 

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I use a LED 30x 60x eye loupe. its not easy! what works best for me is to cut a piece of bud that you suspect being ready. Cut it off and take it into some natural light so you can give it a good evaluation. What im looking for is mostly cloudy (80%-90%) with a bit of amber. Clear trichomes arent ripe. You want to look at the bud itself and not the leaf. And check the whole plant overall. Reading trichs is kinda an art and you get better with experience

Also, all though a few of my weedportal members may disagree,    If you start your counting upon first seeing flower, you will be very close to the breeders flower time 

Mainly molasses are used in soil grows. Theyre really just for carbohydrates that feed the micro organisms. General Hydroponics, Botanicare and Advanced Nutrients all make similar products and all they do is feed the microbes (i like Bud Candy)

thats a tight little track!  is that even a half mile?

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Kratky versus DWC: A tale of Two Clones

This is why clones are so great! You can learn so much and test so many different things! So these plants vegged for about a week. Just enough to pop roots. I normally take a few clones and this time i wanted to try a Kratky Clone. I have another comparable DWC clone. They were both topped (FIMmed) around the same time. Both seem to be the same size and the roots are about the same as well. I havent done any maintenance to either reservoir since i started. No bucket change. No pH check. just an occasional check to make sure the res. isnt empty! I also have a few other clones going but the roots didnt pop out soon enough to compete 

PM Wash by NPK

More Tomatoes

going to be starting a classic heirloom beefsteak soon so i may dump this plant soon. its been fun! almost 6 months! My first tomato plant!! I learned alot!

Clonin Clonin Clonin

Taking 5 clones from Cali Orange using aloe vera and a clone dome. These clones are a bit small for my liking but im hoping my timing works out. I will try to grow one clone using the Kratky hydroponic method

California Orange Bud

This plant started on 7-1-21 but didnt get above the rockwool til 7-3 Still, its the healthiest of the 3 plants. 1 seed flat out didnt pop, and the other seedling had technical difficulties (operator error) FIMmed this last night and preparing it for my first SCRoG

Hydroponic tomatoes

San Marzano tomato was fun growing. I may grow one again soon. this one gave off several clones for friends and family