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DWC Hydroponic, Aquaponic and Aeroponic grower; former ASE master certified Jaguar and Volvo technician, musician, mathematician, Computer programmer. Dedicated problem solver with the mind of a technician and a shit-load of resources

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when i grew aeroponic vegetables for a family at their house i used Azamax by GH you can use it systemically or as a foiliar spray but it tends to clog spray bottles so you dont need much. certainly not full strength. id use it with a drop of dawn dish soap. the insturctions for use are also vague. it works the same on insects as it does on plants. it clogs cells and suffocates the organism. So if you use too much you can kill a plant, but you know that. 

You can also do the same thing with vegetable oil and dish soap. the thing about it is you will need to apply it more than once.

I grew indoors so outdoors growing is probably a whole 'nother ballgame

good company! I love the packaging, The 6 day turn around time, the genetics and the fact that they sell single seeds!!

Thanks! im thinking to cut the plant when it reaches the 6th node at the 3rd. Then I'm going to try to grow out both plants DWC til I can get a total of 16 decent sized clones. After that they will go into one gallon containers with about one week or so of Veg time. Im being optimistic because i dont know if i have the patience

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still one of my favorite strains!

a perfect example!!

when i have extra clones i always ask friends if they can take a plant and many of them think they can but i caution them that they have to do the research and do the leg work. have a plan. you cant just throw it in your backyard and let it fight for itself

interesting grow setup Mark D!! very cool!

Thanks for the discussion! like i said this is in the planning stage and i just ordered my seed from Dank! Northern Lights, 7-8 week flowering time. 

Thanks im flushing with distilled water and Advanced Nutrients Final finish. getting a nice fade but still kept putting out white hairs.

The hard part is getting 16 clones all ready to go at the same time!

Maybe i should get an Aero cloner, but nawwww

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