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DWC Hydroponic, Aquaponic and Aeroponic grower; former ASE master certified Jaguar and Volvo technician, musician, mathematician, Computer programmer. Dedicated problem solver with the mind of a technician and a shit-load of resources

Thanks1 coming up on a week or two. the holidays will be nice, i think

one of my better grows..  I stacked my buckets up so the canopy would be a bit more even. That Big Northern Lights on the left stretched a bit more than the NL on the right. White Widow behind on right

either he re-uses the same pic every time or he is a pot-growing machine!

when i have buds i give the extra stuff and popcorn bud to friends and i give my trim to a neighbor friend of mine

im doing two strains next run 

1. Lemon Cherry Gelato

2. Strawberry Shortcake

one plant will be in my recently repaired SCRoG

yes but i will be back in the high life again to quote a shitty song LOL

but yeah, i got a tent full of buds just a few weeks away

yeah ive revegged once years ago.

I had a plant that was well into 12/12 and knocked off a limb of the plant. i freaked out at the time cause i didnt know what to do then stuffed it into  a rockwool cube and tried to clone it in took forever and grew into  a weird looking bush. the leaf went weird and the plant structure changed once it became large eough i put it back into flower but it didnt really put out anything of quality.

it takes forever to go back to a regular plant once you reveg. its called a monster-cropping and i wouldnt do it again on purpose

it really depends on how far along into 12/12 you are but it will definitely freak out a plant

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