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I know why you went there!!!

Gonna leave it at that, you KNOW I wanna say more, but I'll be nice today...

PFFFT...you call yourself a GROWER?????

Those bags don't even say "Walmart" on them!!!


I've had a few spots like that. Every time I opened it up, I found a worm.

Damage I've seen from worms looks a lot like bud rot.


And, yeah, not sure I'm diggin this outdoor stuff. Too much left to Nature. We all know what a fickle bitch she can be.

Funny, cuz now ya got me thinkin...

When a clone Mother gets too tall, air layer her halfway up. Then, flower the bottom, and use the top as a new Mother.


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Those are for air layering...usually used on tree branches.

I haven't heard of anyone using them on weed.

If you try it, let us know how it works!

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 Speaking of frugal (aka Cheap)...

Looky looky!!!!

Found it on Craigslist for $75 bucks.

The gears are grindin' for a future project!!!

MH, Metal halide, is the veg version of HID lighting.

If need be, you CAN use HPS all the way through. The extra red in the light will give you extra stretch, so you'll have to deal with plant height more than with a MH.

I veg and clone with fluorescents, and flower with HPS.

I'm confused....

I've always thought the genetic drift came from cloning a clone of a clone, and so on.

Seems like a waste to me, personally. I've kept a Mother for over a year. Lotta clones, lotta "free" weed.


Around here, we call it "Cheap". lol

No, Smart Ass.

The Walmart bags are for OD growing. They're too big for my ID area.

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