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More likely a nute deficiency, if not just a blemish.

If you like Sativas, I recommend Ace Seeds' Malawi Killer.

Definitely has that Sativa "kick".

I used to think I was doing good back in the 80's.

I had an HPS from a parking lot flood light, growing in dirt with Miracle Grow.

I was growing better than I could buy....why bother changing?


MAD???   lmao....no Sir, not at all.

Enjoying the discussion.

Oh there's more. PLENTY more!!

I can go from low pressure aeroponic, to high pressure aeroponic, to fogponics.

My ladder has no top, my friend.

(I'm skipping HPA cuz I'm too cheap to buy the pump, and going to fogponics.)

Who knows, maybe I can shorten my cloning times. I'm averaging 2 weeks for 100% roots. Would be nice to cut that down a bit.

Been reading about tissue culture. They now make DIY at home kits, everything but the plant. ($$$)

"And the time."  BIG factor for me. I don't have the patience to wait 6 wks for the next step in a multi step process.

Would LOVE to get into it, someday, if I live long enough.

Always looking for ways to improve.

Same reason I went from soil to ebb and flow tables.

Same reason I went from HID to LED.

If ya aint movin' forward, you're just standing still.

My aerocloner works great too. I'm just tryin' to up my game where I can.

"Ever onward, ever upward"

I'm switching from a 12 hole, 17 gallon tote, to a 7 hole, 5 gallon bucket.

You're running a "Bubbler" (Bubbleponics). I'm currently running low pressure aeroponics, getting ready to switch to fogponics.

I tried the plugs and humidity dome thing for years. I need a machine for consistent results.  lol

Just trying to figure out the most efficient one.

Think I'm gonna put the misters on hold, while I play with my new Mist Maker (fog).

I think we're down to 20 or so "thinkers". Not implying the rest are idiots, by any means. I mean the "outta da box" kinda thinkers. We can see things in the abstract and figure out new ways to do old things.

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