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Not unless you brew a tea.

Nectar's good stuff. I use it in FFOF, once the soil nutes have petered out.

Another chemistry lab with all the different ingredients, but good stuff.

Wouldn't recommend it for DWC or RDWC, though. It'll end up on the bottom.

Famous? Or Infamous, like good ole Woody Hayes?

Weren't they both "chair slingers"??   lol

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I put some in my cloner concoction, and into early veg along with Rapid Start.

Hard to burn a plant with it, if you have a little common sense. Got a lot of good stuff in it.

Not Nitrogen.....CalMag.

If you already give it, up the dose.

Mine likes to "What?" me to death, till I raise my voice. Then she acts butthurt, like I'm yelling at her.

 I always used mine to watch movies, or listen to Pandora while playing poker. Had to quit, couldn't hear anything else going on around me!!   lol (The Mrs was NOT impressed!)

San Marzanos don't get a really big fruit. At least not the ones we grew. They were smaller than most of our Romas.

 They look good!

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