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There are many different brands of "thinners" out there. A Google search for cannabis concentrate thinners gives a few results.

They come unflavored, flavored, with extra terpenes added, you name it.

Then you heat up your concentrate just enough so it's liquid, and mix your thinner in.

Once it's thin enough, use a large gauge syringe and put the vape juice into an empty cart.

Not sure if Ebay or Amazon, but I got a kit that had syringe, mixing tool, and 5 empty carts.

I got it when someone reacted to a comment I made in a Cakefan thread.

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Yeah, dammit.  What gives?

Somebody leave, but not leave, and just have private convos with their close buddies? Thought that's what chat was for?

Got a fan blowing on her?

Surface tension. Tap them, they'll sink.

Puttem in the dark. There's O2 in that water to support tails. They should be fine tomorrow.

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Bro, where ya goin?

And why???

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Put your peroxide mix in a small glass. Drop your seeds in.

Wait 24-72 hours. The ones that are still floating, I wouldn't spend my time on.

Run with the seeds that sink.

No, you're not missing anything obvious.

People have been complaining about the thread format since the "New and Improved" Weedportal got up and running.  lol

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Someone posted pics a little while ago, but I forget who.

Seedsman is giving them as freebies.

Planning that far out, you are way ahead of the game! Too many people get in a rush, and make mistakes.

Other than a new bulb when you need one, I wouldn't spend any more on the light.

As long as you leave the doors open, the heat shouldn't be an issue. Will you be able to leave it open during flower? If not, will you be around twice a day to open/ close it?

600 watt HPS is the most efficient of the HPS, so you're good there. Personally, I'd hang it as high as possible in the tent. That way, as the plant grows closer to the light, the intensity goes up.

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