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I am Currently attending college for an agriculture/horticulture degree And possibly molecular biology & chemistry afterwards. My goal is to one day open my own farm to help others with medical conditions such as my own, I've battled with epilepsy for the last 6 years & have found some relief with marijuana, my illness is very bad I cannot drive to this day an can say my seizures are as bad as the little girl they made the charlottes web strain for, but what I've noticed is most CBD strains just don't carry a buzz like the THC only verity's and I want to change this, I grant you there are people that don't need a strong buzz like little kids but whos looking out for the adults, you might find a few strains that are decent but there needs to be more diversity.

Looks like some type of legume coming up, I had some pole beans that looked just like that when they popped up.

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Root organics is my favorite brand lol I have all the guanos an the fish protein but you should be fine on calcium I’d only add a little here an there.

kings recommendation would be for hydro & George’s would be for soil. Hope this helps man

It’s the heat man 85 an up an the blossoms will drop, the same thing can happen if it gets to cold but that’s not to say they can’t take hot weather the phenotype you got might not be to resistant towards heat.

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What medium do you grow in man, you could need more for hydro than you would for soil.

I’d say he ran out of soil lol.

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I’ve never tried there mango skunk, But I love the skunk family how good does the skunk come through on the taste/smell.

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Yeah it would be alright man, the amnesia haze is really easy to grow.

I haven’t done green crack before an the only thing I found that was hard about growing the haze was the flower time but it can take a heavy feeding schedule with ease.

Also any animal that's sick & carrying something harmful could shit up stream and contaminate the water as well.

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I wish they all looked that good lol Its Slurricane IX from inhouse, I still got 7 more beans left that one was # 2 out of the pack.

lookin good man id say that garlic breath is fire, I love anything funky. 

Some people will use pure peat or some will use pure coco so ud feed during the first 4 weeks but FF soil is good enough on its own for 4-5 weeks and the different amount per each week is because the plant is older and can take more at that age.

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