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That’s a good way to keep track, I have to give that to you man.

Looks good man, I’d end up forgetting to move the tarp everyday an mess it up.

My intention wasn’t to get you mad either, I was just stating your doin pretty good now an there’s not much you can do to improve, I didn’t mean to offend you.

You can’t keep climbing the latter, if your already at the top though too. 

An aero cloner is about as top tire as you can get until you start doing tissue culture.

A lot of his gear is clone only strains the big breeders don’t want you to have, I took the chance an I got a pack.

He sent me the tracking # and told me he’d send freebies so we’ll see. 

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Has anyone on here ever grew his stuff out before, I recently got one pack off him to see if he’s the real deal or not.

I use a clone king and I’ve never had a problem cloning.

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You can bleach ur plants by throwing them out in the sun without acclimating them first.

I’d start by finding a spot outside that only gets a few hours of direct sun a day just for a few days and then move them to ur final location.

I use an EC meter but I never go past 0.2 for cal-mag in hydro, in soil I never go past 0.1.

It looks like there in a good size pot, he should be good.

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