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STS and GA3 can both be used for reversing as well. 

I kinda like the GA3, cause it encourages branching and can help with pollen collection.

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What’s you favorite from them.

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Man you must love nirvana lol. I might have 4 strains from them out of 68 strains total.

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I made a batch of S1 amnesia haze auto from nirvana earlier this year and I had to try one out to see how they turned out... well I can safely say there identical to the mother. The smell is spot on and the yields are not bad for a solo cup grow.

I also seeded the amnesia H auto in the picture with a Chocolate Thai male but have only found 12 seeds so far 

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Growing weed is about to get a lot more expensive... next will be the price of fertilizer because it’s a limited resource that will run out eventually.

Could you imagine if later on you need a degree in horticulture or agriculture to even buy fertilizer.

I spent 26$ a seed when I bought slurrycane IX from In-house genetics.

He’s high dollar like nirvana to but I will admit you do get better deals with Bergman.

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How did you get a black wallet man the 2 they sent me were both yellow.

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You can get to the old site from there front page of the new one its at the bottom just click on change country under shopping.

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Your account still exists on the old nirvana website, but we cannot choose usa for shipping on there now. the new site requires a new account.

sub I was gonna let you know man you inspired me to get a DWC, those buds were fat as fuck on that cali orange you done So I got a 5 Gallon but I wouldn't have it if i had not seen those big buds thanks again man and do you got any tips I have never done DWC before I did buy a kick ass pump for it though 1750Gph.

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