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Well I’m not calling anyone stupid but If they used a green house, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between indoor vs outdoor. 

The size might be an indicator but who’s to say they didn’t start it late.

Jim I was gonna ask about it, but couldn’t someone just pack an indoor plant outside to do the outdoor cup.

I think it’s a market game, more people would just stay with photoperiods if they have to wait more than 8-10 weeks from seed. So they all just list the flower time.

You picked some good ones hulk, I’m a big time skunk fan so this sounds really good to me.


Who’s version is that one, and is it the Pre98 bubba? I have a pack of it so I’m just wanting to see how mine could do if it’s the same as what I got.

Took me a lil while to find this but this little bit in this research note I read before was what lead me to that conclusion.

Humic acid, is pretty much dried humus too and compost is loaded with it, That’s why you hear people say to add compost to help the soil hold nutrients better.

Here you go CPW - This is what Google told me.

Man that’s a very high ppm for a plant that young looking, I’d lower down to around 750-800ppm.

One of the main ingredients in recharge is humic acid, and  it’s main purpose is to increase the soils nutrient holding capacity or CEC.

So basically my guess is - if there’s a treasure trove of nutrients nearby, the roots won’t go out to hunt for them like they would in a soil that had normal CEC levels.

Did you use what they recommend to mix or more than the recommended amount?

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