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I totally agree with you CPW. But then you got people like my uncle who just wants to grow what he wants to grow, doesn’t look into all that bc he wants the 25-30% thc or somethin fat an frosty. Bud rot destroyed every plant he had this year an then he comes to me an asks what can I do now lmao.

I don’t use the liquid kind of there’s but I do use the powder during flower in it’s some good stuff you can trust blue planet.

Is that the new Auto man or the feminized.

How heavy is she now Sub.

When did Nirvana start selling original glue in regular? I’ve done there Feminized glue before an it’s pretty good man.

Its all a front they like to use, the real reason there not keeping mother plants around is because of competition.  There's only so many licences to go around an if you don't sell your shit you will not have the cash to re apply next year. basically if you keep throwing out the same weed your stuff will eventually end up  just sitting on the shelf collecting dust.


Those are not even close to being done. I can’t see one white hair on any of them, so you got a little wile before the swelling stage begins. But if your referring the height of the autos, then that’s about it for an auto man they don’t get very tall, well a lot of them don’t but there meant to be like that for discretion.

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This will be a good discussion For the WP community I think.

List or comment below. The best fruit flavored weed, you've either grown or smoked.

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Hell yeah man. I've always wanted to try it, there's just so many strains to try. And for some reason fruity strains are catching my eye here lately, I usually go for funky flavored strains.

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You could if you just wanted to clean it. A good trick or tip I can tell you man is pollen is very fragile it will die if there's to much moisture in the air. Male plants wont release pollen if the humidity is to high for this reason, so what I do is turn off my fans for about 30 min an let my humidifier run wide open for a bit then I'll turn my fans back on to dry it all out & it never has failed.

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What does she smell like when you rub her stock man.

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I wouldn't go by one day man they'll really show it in about 2-3 days though if it was liquid organics. I've never heard of anything organic showing results in a few hours but I'm just assuming you gave it to them an waited till ur lights came back on the next day.

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This will be a good discussion For the WP community I think. List or comment below. The best fruit f…
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