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You are correct but I’m done explaining everything out, you guys will have to figure the rest out from here.

yes but it’s fully broken down before they sell it to you, it’s not freshly mixed in the medium before you buy it. 

That guanos been fully broke down and the perfect amount has been added to the soil there selling you.

You can top dress no problem but he didn’t do that he mixed it in with all the medium at the start.

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The bat guano would have to be composted, most manures you use are hot - excluding rabbits and worm castings. But if you mix it straight in the medium like you would the perlite at the beginning, it’ll start fucking with the ph once it does start to break down or could burn / fry the plant.

I was thinking he was trying to grow DTW in coco coir an had mixed in organic fertilizer in as to have to keep from using fertilizer with every watering.

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I think ur problem is the organic amendments you mixed in at the start man. 

Bat guano has to be composted before you can mix it into ur medium, these plants have done this well so far cause you keep resetting the medium when you feed it but it’s starting to catch up now.

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I was wondering if you got to try the Jamaican yet. How good or bad was it?

That biscotti pie should be fire, can’t wait to see the grow pipes.

It should be alive but I would dial back the water a little bit where it’s in a large pot. It looks like it’s about to dampen off..

You roll a clean J king, What strain are u token on.

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Peyote is hard to get, hope they didn’t just send u some regular succulents.

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I have sluricane IX, it’s a really good strain. So far I’ve ran 4 seeds out of my pack with #2 being the frostiest, I’m not sure about the other lines but in the IX, the more gas there is on the smell of the plant the froster it’ll be but I think it’s takin more after the do-si-dos in those phenos.

The other phenos are like a blueberry/grape muffin with some having some gassy notes.

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