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Good Read on Genetics

So true !! Enjoy !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwT-41vOHfk

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      • HLARIOUS J !! might need to put the bong down ...he,he,he

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        • With the majority of states approving the sales and manufacturing of weed a lot more genetic research is called for. Kind of amusing that some are searching for the next greatest thing and some are searching for the past greatest thing, lol. 

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          • That is kind of funny, I am always on the look out for the top strains of the 70's but I have to wonder would they compare to strain of today. 

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          • What UUUUUPPP SBR, I would love to get on a vid with these guys ! Basically they're right, it's a total crapshoot. The guy named Rob had the best take on this serious prob sayin, he starts to ask A LOT of questions when the breeders don't know the basics of the genes. Personally, I think the prob is unsolvable, without starting over like you said, with serious research. I also think that as soon as weed goes legal federally, these long, lost, strains are gunna pop out of some hippies, sons or daughter stash  $$$$ !!! 

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            • I tend to agree with the unsolvable statement. We can't really trust genetics as it is, much less in the future. I don't know of any other plant getting this much attention or being experimented with. I suspect cannabis genetics also has the most lies and misinformation attached to it too, don't you.

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              • I almost hit Like on that one, but instead I will say "nailed it".

                From what I have seen with animals and common crops like corn and tomato's  the only way to guarantee genetics is a road we dont want to travel. We seem to be stuck with autoflowers do we really want to go past that freak of nature? LOL    

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