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IMO, you can remove the light blockers until about 3 wks from harvest then clean them up except for a couple nodes on top. Have you lollipoped? Hard to see. Mainly, keep in mind that buds need light. 

Also, I wouldn't consider those autos probably already thought of that, lol. 

I think CPW is right. Sounds like a light issue because I've found (at least outdoors) that the flowering point is about 13.5 hrs. Also make sure you don't have another light leak of any kind. 

I love the strain! Does great outdoors as well. Good job!

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I love northern New Mexico but it gets too cold for me so I'm looking at Las Cruces. Home prices are surging right now down there so I guess legal pot matters, lol!

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Fyi...New  Mexico is now pretty much wide open. 12 plants per household, no permit needed. Recreational currently legal and sales begin in the spring. Interstate 40, 25, and 10 go through the state. Smart move I'd say. 

Smoke and vape don't need decarb and bud needs to have a little moisture in it to help get the oil flowing. Some require a little more heat. 

You can keep it fought back by mixing 1tbs of vinegar in a quart of water and spraying leaves top and bottom. Personally I use apple cider vinegar but white will work  I also use a drop or two of dish soap. Wash your plants when you harvest. 

Robert, I agree with your assessment of the situation and thank you for your willingness to share your research results. This may be a business decision that works for nirvana...or not. This should cut their volume a bunch which may be exactly what they want. I figure we'll know in a year or so if it works out. 

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Nice fall garden! Yeah I agree, I will be 75 a month from today and I wish all this could have happened 50 years ago, lol! But I'm glad it's happening for the next generation. Guerilla growing...a dying culture. Most people will never know what we have been through growing something that should have never been illegal in the first place. Idk about you Chubbs but I feel like all that work and keeping things top secret helped me in life. It certainly was a huge responsibility and I never got in trouble with the law. 

I've wondered about that and I suspect you're right. A single plant can make thousands of seeds but just like milk, the packaging, labor, and transportation are the norm. Also, if you look at fem seeds, bred and produced in the USA, they are about 10 bucks each even if you buy 10 seeds. Just saying it's not that bad and you get a company with known genetics that stands behind the product. 

I agree with Rick, because of the hassle of bringing it back to veg plus you might not ever achieve full veg. It should yield about like an autoflower.

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