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One thing is you can lay some mulch around them. Idk if you're in the ground or in containers but mulch help retain moisture. 

Hard to say because concentrates and smoke can be different but jock horror is a strong one.

Imo, you are fine with that. Maybe a little light on the 225/30min IF you're not adding more heat but that sounds good. 

I've seen it a few times but idk if the guy has the correct explanation. We know it's something that happens time and again so there's got to be some explanation.

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Nice! One of the prettiest plants I've grown outdoors. Imo, it's a classic, like northern lights. 

Interesting stuff. I've seen it and just figured it was a mutant. 

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I see the covid delta strain moving rapidly so those needing seeds probably should get their order in.

Idk but I think nirvana ships different packaging for different  countries and they have been doing business for a while. And don't worry, they will be stealthy .

Thanks for the link and helping me research. Good info!

Yeah and, unlike autos , you can veg as long as you want. Example, if you veg 6wks then add 8 for flower, you got 14 weeks. If you grow hydro, you should have potency, yield, and save time and energy. 

What I'm thinking is a lot of people veg outside, greenhouse, or t5 lights, then flower under expensive lights. And yes, this is probably not a big factor for the individual homegrowers but more for the commercial folks. 

 Chubs, howz the outdoor grow this year? Wetter than dogshit here...another weird year. 

Well I like what I'm reading on them. I mean, 2 weeks is 2 weeks. I'd like to give it a shot but haven't ordered any yet. 

Hey buddy, yeah since the new portal is going I decided to change my handle a little SanBoisLee is still in charge here though, lol! 

Chas has some seeds. He's our guinea  pig on this one!😎

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