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You need to grow indoors. Until you're able to control the light, temperature, nutes, and humidity, you won't have the best smoke possible. 

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It's not easy with LEDs that's for sure. The angle of the lens can make a difference. HID definitely works but heat and electric bills are the issues. 

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Usually, 6 to 700 watts in an led will get you close to 1000w hid. Fluence grow lights are used by the pros to produce some of the best bud available. The bar lights run cooler and you can bring them in close for dense bud.

Hard to stop deer, armadillos, rats, etc. if they are really determined but back in my younger days I did nothing but guerrilla growing. Human urine works about as well as any. I would piss in a gallon milk jug and refill longneck beer bottles as needed. You put them in the ground at an angle so it won't just rain straight into them...don't worry about the amount you put in them, one third bottle is plenty. The more bottles the better. Someone mentioned Irish spring a big pack, use an old cheese grater and cover the ground in and around the grow. That will also help. 

Good info on BT. I had the opportunity to watch moths fly to and from the plants. They normally fly to the highest point to lay the eggs. They sort of move like grasshoppers in that they fly 10 to 15 feet at a time. Nobody wants to put anything on their bud so you stop them before they get to it. 

Start spraying a strong product with residual action around the perimeter of your garden around the middle of June. Back off 10 feet all the way around and make sure your band is wide...20ft if you can. 

I'm not recommending but I will tell you that I use a product that contains also controls grasshoppers and I don't let it get close to my garden. Keep your spray low, no wind, and wear your best mask. A lot of work but it's crop insurance. 

For me, they're fun to grow and they do well outdoors. They don't make as much but I like the fact that the sooner they finish, the less time they have to have something happen to them. 

The majority of bud rot I'm seeing is caused by moths. Chubbs makes a good point about the nitrogen but my theory is it's also the genetics are making weaker resistance compared to the old landrace varieties. 


Very promising and that is a gourmet strain too!

I just saw this but I did answer your question. I have trouble with this format on my phone so I miss a lot of stuff. Sativas have longer inernodes and hold up better. If you find evidence of worms, you spray with a BT based product. 

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Take the whole cola off and maybe save some of it. Damp weather yes but it could be a worm, a moth larvae that started it. You can try different strains but the weather will always win. Check the rot for little tunnels that are made by a worm. Sometimes the worm is still in there munching but he's eating and shitting and moving forward. 

Those babies are taking off good ! I agree with king about the space. You certainly have enough soil but those two will shade each other a bit. You might train them to grow apart as much as possible. They make good smoke...good luck with them!

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