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Nice place, nice pit. Looks like a sweet place to live

For seedlings, I would stick with the CFL's. But 100 watts are a little too weak Imo I would go for the 150 watts. Good luck

Who the hell was Stan? I don't remember him but yeah Sticks is gone!!

When I get mine, I'm like a kid in a candy shop.

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In a 4X4 tent I would grow 4 plants. IMO autos would do just fine!

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Hey CPW, we already had our first frost here! So, yeah let the rotating began.

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Is this before Nirvana Shop Online?

Hey Grog, I've been ordering from Nirvana for 10+ years, and never ever had a problem with them and my credit card because of them (Nirvana).

Check your PH first! Then go from there.

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