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I'm a Amateur grower trying to  become one the best homegrown cannabis for medical grower in my area, bar none! With help from this community I'll learn as much as the community is  willing to help me with. Thanks everyone and let's grow!

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Frosty the snowman, beautiful flowers, keep it growing!

Nice plant keep it growing 👍!

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I need a sponsor so I can try different  lights see how far I can go indoors!

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Wow outdoor that looks  amazing 👏, I hope to get where you are when I'm growing  outdoor! 

Thats very great Looking  plant,keep it growing family!

Be careful it's  trying to foxtail on you! But it has some nice colors 👍

Looking very good keep  growing family!

That's  a tree 🌳 brother, keep it growing  don't change anything!

It's need just a little trim for better air flow! It been working for my grow,  so past the knowledge that I learn to other in the grow  family.

You really  do need Fish emulsion , kelp, molasses and  Filtered  water to keep a living soil healthy! It works for me and many other organic growers.

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That's what I'm growing right now!!!

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