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I press flower at 115*F with a 4 ton press I use a pre-press to make a 2x4 puck with 10 grams of flower. I use a 120 micron mesh bag to press flower. I save my pressed pucks and when I get 4 or 5 I stack them and repress them. After they have been pressed twice I rinse them in everclear 190 proof to make a tincture of sorts I use to make edibles. Grandma said; "waste not want not."

What ever you're doing... keep doing it. That's a beautiful and happy bud.


Happy Belated Birthday.

I doubt it is worth the expense to you but you might take it to a lab or look into an ultraviolet spectrophotometer.

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looks like the one I use... along with a 3 lens jewelers loupe.

My system has 4ea 5 gal buckets that are interconnected they have 2 or 3 gallons of nutes in each depending on the roots. a float valve keeps them topped up continuously and I replace 2/3 of all once a week. I use Jack's or Peter's Hydro nutes with calcium nitrate and epsom salts in a 3-2-1 dilution. 

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Yes. I am from an area that is famous for Russet potatoes.

I replace about 2/3 of reservoir every week when they get to this stage.

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