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Nutrient Change Out In RDWC

These plants in the RDWC are drinking about 1.2 gallons a day right now. Water level goes down and PPM goes up so to me that means they are not eating all they have available, but when I top off I add more nutrients to get the balance back to around 1200 PPM. Right now my Brix is at over 20%, thats a new high for me, thanks to Lumina ($$) and Tribus mostly and the Sap PH is at 6.6 that is telling me it needs a little more N, P & S. That confuses me becasue from what I have read too much N  lowers Brix and Jacks A&B grow mix is a combined 20-12-26 assuming it works that way. 

So it seems I have great bacteria culture going on and if I drain the res and replace the water I know I am killing most of that bacteria. So I am thinking of not doing a complete change out and just slowly adding Bloom nutes with the idea eventually the plant will use up most of the Grow mix and go for the Bloom mix instead. What are your thoughts on that? 

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    • yeah thats why sterility in DWC isnt particularly important. Bacteria is important and if you do a complete replacement you kill alot of the bacteria. Good or bad

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      • I agree. I do a good cleaning between grows and kill everything so there shouldn’t be much bad stuff accumulating during a grow

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      • I upped my C02 to 1400 ppm +/- 100 ppm and the pistils seem to be pulling in. I dont think I wil get used to running high temps on purpose.  

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        • I replace about 2/3 of reservoir every week when they get to this stage.

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          • Wht size is your reservoir? Are you replacing it all at the end of the week or little by little as needed?

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          • My system has 4ea 5 gal buckets that are interconnected they have 2 or 3 gallons of nutes in each depending on the roots. a float valve keeps them topped up continuously and I replace 2/3 of all once a week. I use Jack's or Peter's Hydro nutes with calcium nitrate and epsom salts in a 3-2-1 dilution. 

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            • Nice setup, I use Jacks also. Going back to the Grow A & B mix is weird to me but it works. I like it

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