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Rosen Press Question

  1. So what is the temperature you use to press rosin and for how long do you press it?
  2. Are you pressing trim or buds or both?
  3. Do you use the mesh bags?
  4. What do you with the puck that's left after its pressed? 


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Replies (3)
    • I wanna say (it's been a while) my temp was right around 115-120.

      I used buds, dried and short cured.120 micron bag. 5 grams in each squish.

      Squished till it quit bubblin and didn't notice any more resin coming out.

      Since I'm independently wealthy and have weed coming out my ass, I just toss the pucks in the trash, like the pot snob I am.

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      • Hell I am thinking about pressing my roaches at the end of the week. 

        Do you have temp sticks or something to verify your temps or just the gage on the machine?

        I do think I have the temps too high. I will post a picture tomorrow. 

        My temperature gun is telling me I am close to 200 deg when the meter says 165, cheap meter and a cheap temp gun, Who could say 

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      • I press flower at 115*F with a 4 ton press I use a pre-press to make a 2x4 puck with 10 grams of flower. I use a 120 micron mesh bag to press flower. I save my pressed pucks and when I get 4 or 5 I stack them and repress them. After they have been pressed twice I rinse them in everclear 190 proof to make a tincture of sorts I use to make edibles. Grandma said; "waste not want not."

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