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Got some good results growing indoors a few years ago but tried too much too soon. Ready to put my hands in the dirt again. 

I was on the portal before they revamped everything. I still am ‘Portal Challenged’. 

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I like the variety you have there

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Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart ❤️

That’s interesting that photoperiods run closer to stated flower/finish times. Must be the cleaner genetics?

Yea, lots of misrepresentation by seed companies. Has anyone had grows that match the claims?

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Looks like a winner

I just got my Blueberry Kush seeds yesterday. Quiet, don’t want my wife to find out

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Looks Dee lightful. Sorry, had to

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Anybody try any Flash Super Autos? Don’t want to waste money if they aren’t any good. 
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