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Sure thanks Chase…well since then it has rained twice so hope it will not impact the buds that much


Yes and my eyes play tricks on me…I took a little sample to see and the rest will be chopped in 10-14 days ;-)

Rb thanks for the wise words will keep a batch to be chopped in 2 weeks just to second those wise words 😉

Thanks Rick!! Yeah have a small mag but x10 and need x30 for a better look…anyways what I am doing is taking small batch at 3-4days interval

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Don’t have a magnifier so have to go old school…

Took a sample! I know not the best pic quality but do you think she is done?

Hmm thats pretty hardcore and unhealthy for plants isn’t it?

No my friend if not i would have paid you a visit

yes exactly! You are right so sorry and thanks for correcting me..was a bit baked on Tangie lol


Well a slightly acidic soil is the best for marijuana, like roses

I always have a tendency to believe that nature knows what to do and let her do her thing…However…

If you want to organically raise PH you can add a solution of white vinegar and water.

For lowering the PH you can make a solution of baking soda and water

Hope I am not out of subject…Good luck 

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