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Nice!!!! Looking forward to you coughing that strawberry taste!!!

Ahhh thanks Dee!!! Yes indeed hope it will be a killer plant

Wow Texas don’t make me blush brother…Thanks a bunch

Thank you for taking the time to see them

Cool kinda like myself…I act kinda like Jack and throw my beans and let mother E do her magic

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Ahhh brother thats bad!!! Spider mites are nasty…hmmm

Well 5 weeks flowering…so flowers are still all white hairs, no smell and not sticky right!!!

Well you should start all over and make sure your space is clean I mean bleach clean!!!

Now if you really want to keep those mity plants maybe you could spray a solution of very light detergent, vinegar and lime juice and water solution and spray on the plant. Let it stay a few minutes and rinse completely with water… don’t let it stay too long the acidity will kill the mites and the plant as well

Sir Booze,

Thank you sir! Trying my best to impress you Old Masters of the Herbs!

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Hmmm too sophisticated for me…They say in the Indian philosophy (maybe in the Upanishad) that weed or MJ is not from earth and was brought by Lord Shiva…Well I kinda like that story and consider marijuana to be a scared plant. In my country they call it the King Of Seeds, so lets respect the plant and grow it as it is, a gift of a God to be grown naturally

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