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EL PERSIA (Eldorado x Iranian Kush)

Dear Growers/Nirvana Crew

I have crossed a Female Eldorado with an Iranian Indica/Kush with a Hashplant pheno

she is roughly end of 5 weeks flowers and starts to smell like a smooth eucalyptus sent, very bushy, branch to bud ratio seems good and the flowers are very hairy, long hairs.

I really LST the heck out of her and she has naturally developped a triple main branch. She is about 70cm tall and 1.5m wide.

She is growing like a bushy indica but from the small experience I have the buds development lean more towards Eldorado.

Any feedback? Any thoughts? Is it a keeper just esthetically (once i smoke i can only tell), any advice, need more pics to form an opinion? Let me know guys

will post a pic of the bud formation so you can provide me with feedback

Dont P its O

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