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I took it out of the air tight bag and left it out on a plate out in the open to air out, I can sacrifice the smell and taste for this kind of trip long as it's not my last....

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So a friend of mine tells me he has a 30g zip of wedding Cake so I immediately asked what's wrong with it???????  He tells me it was harvested around one of the California wildfires and sure as shizz it got a light campfire smell even broke up its distinct, but it still has a good smell to it. The bag appeal isn't bad but 1not what you would expect from a strain like that. When I smoke it it's not the smoothest but I was high as I've been in awhile.  Could this just be the toxic byproducts of a forest fire slowly killing me?

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Im not sure what ppfd but if you are talking about PPM's thats pretty low for a plant that size also 1ml per gal isnt enough should be closer to 5ml per gallon and earlier the better with the 5ml. She looks to me like she is getting too much k and not enough Nthe problem is not your flowering so you have to be careful how you add you don't want to throw a bunch of nitrogen at it now. Might start with 3ml per gallon

Wow those are some stout looking bushes must have some cool ass neighbors and don't tell me they don't know....haha

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Sticks is that you?

Cool pics Sarge I agree it is almost ready and really depends on where those trics are and how you like your smoke as you know, the 3rd pic I see some clear trics so thats why I said almost there. I like your idea with the loop I always struggle a bit when I'm trying to decide but Im going to try your method in about a week I am about 2-3 weeks from harvest.

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Great lookin plant, ready for a transplant. Looks like a clear cup which if it is no good for the roots to have light exposure.

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I went back to look and it looks exactly like mango kush I really want to grow that strain now even more than ever.

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Looks exactly like the pic on site they use to sell it, wait do you still buy seeds?   Beautiful.

They look fat and hairy to me.

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