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End of flowering

Wanted to know if you guys try to stress the plant during last 2 weeks? I know some do the 24-48 hrs of darkness, but a friend of mine who also grows says he takes a saftey pin and pricks the stem no more than 3 inches from soil to mimic a but attack so the plant will produce more tricomes. Sound a little crazy but curious on opinions.

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    • ive heard of the safety pin or a nail

      Heres my thoughts:

      if you really want to stress a plant out rip off all the leaves!! Youre gonna do it anyway!

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      • Good point, I probably stress them enough unintentionally anyway

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      • Try leaving the lights on 24/7 for 3 days plant only does irs thing in the light.they rest in the dark n don't produce much.

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        • Ok I got to be honest. I'm happy with my grows enough not to feel like I need to try some unproven tactics on my plants. I guess if you aren't happy with your grows, that's a different story. By the same token if your not happy with your grow I seriously doubt the things mentioned in this post will improve the grow. Just my personal opinion. I say this with no sarcasm intended.

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          • yeah you always make good sense!

            i chalk all these techniques up as growing myths

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            • I like your thoughts on this, my buddy does things I don’t agree with and probably the same goes for him with my grows. For example he refuses to PH anything never just straight from tap nutes and feed it drives me nutes because I know he gets nutrient lock out toward the end but he’s also grew some nice stuff just not any real weight and I have to wonder. To each his own, I don’t like the idea of hurting my plants on purpose regardless. I’ve tried the two days of dark but like terpinator the difference isn’t noticeable enough for me

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              • I think there is too much emphasis on tricomes anyway I think a well better balanced plant will hit harder.

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