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Nice job! One thing though,... where is the lighter , glass, or paper? lol

I live in North Carolina . Humidity is bi polar. in my house during the winter fluxes between 30 to 40%. Summer 50% inside. 

I preordered this one @ the end of last year and said it would ship out feb. 28th.. got it on the 27th. I think I paid 50 for it. It hooks up to my cloud controller. It came with a long collapsible tube so you can run it from the outside of the tent. Condensation inside the tube is my present problem wanting to drip inside the tent. So this case has given me a reengineering redneck project to do. lol

I set it inside for now. i know with the 6" exhaust fan on 10 the humidity only drops 2% so far , This thing keeps the air saturated in a 4x4

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Creme De La Chem. Wisest choice on your list. You can throw the kitchen sink at her very hearty so you can abuse her. I have grown her three times and not one complaint. This is the cultivar that led to me having my first quality grow. She is the darkest green to purple strain I have had. Beware you have been warned lol this strain is meth. You try it once i will see you again lmao. Don't be shy with her .

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Super stoked. I pre ordered in Jan. Unpacked and hooked up to the controller. ❤

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11 roses auto. ☹☹

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first ever It is like a micro plant lol.. autos you never know???

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Going to cut ties with her lol . No change except for $$ in the nutes. 

The 4 leaf Clover in the Cannabis world! 🤯🤯

Good to see you again SpiderDog35! How ya been?

This is the one I like ! Some sticky icky !!!!! Great job

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