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Nice!!!!! You gonna lst and thin her out before flower?  She sure is happy. 👀  this grow . I also have this strain so taking notes lol

Wouldn't ya love to sit down with Bruce burn one and take notes....Very smart man 

I am still learning this lighting deal . the evo 8 is made for a 6x6 in veg and 5x5 flower and I have it in a 4x4 .. I bought it so I had room to expand . I really been paying attention to Chas420 and  his grows. I need the space between my canopy and light so I am thinking veg short and flower under the net. Hopefully I want damage her to bad . Should be another learning curve. Don't know what ya can do till you try.. The only thing I regret is I am not in my 20's lmao

I am really excited got my shit all clean and shinny lmbo . I know you grow outdoors ...What you growing this summer? Mad respect here for your grows. 


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Watch this video it will help you with the light.   Bottom line You can only give the plant so much light to what environment and food you give the plant. In other words I can say you need to be at 800ppfd during flowering but I am wrong cause the parameters you set are for 500 ppfd. I hope this video helps you. If there is one thing I can get across to you is don't give up on something because it did not go right for you but take the time to understand why it did not and grow and learn. Mistakes are so valuable in this game! I refuse to give up!  Piss me off I work harder. Mistakes make the man.

Have you grown it Chas420? I hope I have better luck than their autos lol. Do you recommend anything when growing this strain?

Wish you the best in your endeavors! Getting a little bored with the autos , I am starting a new charter with photos in dwc.

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Going with Nirvana Hindu Kush and Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose. 1st time photos in DWC grow. Thanks to King for trading with me (hindu kush) !!!! Super Stoked I love my indicas 

How is it going BigSarge! Look forward to your grow!

You were right cakefan I should have stayed with the HIDs these autos are killing me can't get handle on them got 4 that are full of yellowing leaves with brown spots on them.have done 2 flushes on them but I don't see any improvement as of now.

This is your quote, that is the reason for asking 

why are you flushing? They look like they are starving...

You too. Nice looking garden you got there! I am currently cleaning out mine ..wiping it down with soap n water then a final  spray and dry with some h2o2 and h2o.. Going to infuse some coco oil next weekend..Hope you are feeling better now a days.

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