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So I bought Delicious Seeds Auto 11 roses. The plant was so compact that the main stalk was as big as a mature plant but the height was stunted. The branches grew out to 1/2" long and the leaves barely developed like as in just was a tiny piece of green tissue that never developed. I never saw a pistol, i am thinking it could not develop as with the branches and leaves. Now all the leaves towards the end of each branch developed but were small. I recently cut the plant down and it started growing a branch out the base of the stalk but that was undeveloped as well. Also I haven't done anything to the supply of water for 3 weeks straight. lol. The roots on this plant are as developed as the plant next to it in almost mid bloom . WTH? Never had a mutation or what ever this is before. Very interesting on how life tries to survive no matter what. I wrote Delicious Seeds and no reply not even an automated message. I also know that i am a fucking idiot ,so they might be trying to be polite. What ever the case may be  I have some more seeds of this and will try again. At first i thought maybe they gave me a photo (because i run 18/6) but the underdevelopment has that in question or in my mind anyway. . 

TexasBob has really been on my mind here lately .😟 I have to be honest but If I could smoke a joint or eat a mega edible with Tbob at his pond and melt down that would be at the top of the bucket list. What a killer gentleman. Maybe a thought or prayer or what ever ya do I am sure it will do. Great guy and grower bottom line

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      • i have some Sugar Black Rose Auto beanz from Delicious Seeds im gonna werk with in my auto project this fall along with several other strainz...i hope none tern out to be runtz

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        • I am going to try another to see. Hopefully not another runt . lol Interested in the auto run this fall.

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