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Anybody try these before?  I do love original breeder packs.  What do you guys think of them?

1dollar lol not much lol I was just using 1000 watt but all my LEDs are HLGs and 100watt 3 of them so mine should go down a lot I am hoping.  

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So healthy and pretty.   So soil then?

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Got these in 5 gal buckets with 6 inch black tops.  They started in rooter plugs I just drop the seed in their and kept water on bottom and all pooped nicely and turned out..they all have 1 to 2 air stones.  I have them under 2 HLG 100 I am about to add on I have another HLG 65 to add for now.  Trying not to use HID lighting for now.  I Def. Got great results with hid bit electric bill yikkkes.  Also the heat with mu 1000 watt high pressure sodium. Don't get me wrong I love it it's still going now.  But LED is more efficient for me.  So let's have a discussion on lighting for now. 

Just to try new grow....At least I know Nirvana genetics are a+  so far with me

I agree it is a loud bitch and used aluminum tape to fit on carbon because it kept slipping off.  Next big grow I am going with ac infinity 

Blue Dream yea I cut some branches off and an going to wait lil longer for the rest 

I feed GH lil micro the rest on this run has been botanicare line up they happy at 700ppm 5.6-6.3 range.  The Big Bud are already flowering.  And I got Grand Daddy feminised growing on left side.  Just checked them got to spread apart getting big quick 

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