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Thank you! I make it a point to Love on him every day. First thing I do in morning is look at his heating pad where is is a lot and make sure he’s breathing. Love the old guy lots!

Conspiracy theories/ friend said in order for farmers to get their subsidies this year they are going to have to spray and kill their crops. Therefore causing a food shortage during the winter months. My policy “ better safe than sorry”!

You did much better than I did! Yeahhhhh

My absolute favorite!!!!!

Well….. I ended up copying most of the page 🤣. I touched the (above) then found my favorite. Touch it and you get copy, then come back here to comment and touch again and “paste” comes up????? It copied it for me but looks like I got whole page. Someone else might explain better I’m still looking up computers for DUMMIES 🤣🤣

I suck at copy/paste! But Aurora Indica my FAVORITE!!!

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