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Nice green sea you got going there! They might start to slow down, but they kind of look like they're just picking up steam :) Last resort, could throw a net over 'em :) Gonna be one smelly loud room! Good work

I dunno... It may be kind of in-between but a small greenhouse still depends on the sun for lighting and nature for temperature / humidity so seems OD enough to me :) 

Good luck everyone! However it turns out this was fun and I enjoyed checking out all the other grows :) They all looked very fine! For the folks with the patio setups, must be great to just look out the window and watch your happy plants growing ;) do you ever run into issues with light leaking out house windows or from outdoor lighting?... just wondering

That greenhouse is sweet! It’s a little larger than I thought at first but a greenhouse could allow covering in late July to kick start flower! Round here there’s not enough darkness until bout 2nd week in August to get ‘em flowering and then the race is on and you hope there’s not a late Sept. freeze.  And I would say it is OD because you’re still relying on solar lighting.

So, thanks for sharing and great work everyone!

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too young to be hungry. avoid over-watering. How hot is the mix your using? Probably, it will grow out of it :)

Good looking plant! I've heard this complaint about diminishing skunkieness from skunk lovers before. Maybe after decades of generations grown far from native environments, they lose some skunk. Maybe we just all go nose-blind :)

:) The '22 OD Season 

Six Nirvana homemade crosses:

2x Raspberry Cough x Blue Dream

2x Papaya x Raspberry Cough

2x Papaya x GSC

Stared from seed indoors 3rd week of May. In ground May 28. Hillside, organic, wild-patch stealth grow. Dug holes and trenchs. Back-filled with 15-20 gallons or so of homemade organic mix. Top dressed once late in veg and three times through flower.  Four were planted in one rough line and then two apart from the others. The four together were spaced about two to three feet apart but would turn out to be way too close together. Was expecting one or two would be male plants and eventually culled.  Just my female luck, four for four female! So those ended up a bit crowded. 

Began cutting the faster maturing ones by 2nd week in Oct. Late season warm spell here (US climate zone 6) so left the slowest one ripen a few more days, finished Oct. 26. 

Problems included fighting off the jungle like surrounding vines and undergrowth, lots of bugs, small pockets of powdery mildew and bud rot during a clammy mid-late September, an actual slippery slope of tricky footing and a couple big storms and strong winds that took out a couple low branches.  All in all, though, healthy plants from the beginning and all the way through. Apparently healthy plants can take a lot!

Ahha:p See that now thanks!

Such a terrifying monster!!!... and a guy in an orange jumpsuit... i think he's the guy from some band, Devo ;)

Never grown anything that flowered for over four months :) From limited longer flowering sativa experience, they seem very finicky in flower, light nute tolerance. They get hairy but are very slow to progress from there. Tried gradually reducing light down to under ten hours a day toward the end, but not sure it made much difference. I guess a plant grown near the equator wouldn't see much variation in length of day maybe. Could be kind of high maintenance, but nothing like that landrace flavor :).   Good Luck!

Ive noticed my concern with weight varies depending on the grow. On a good one I want to know how good… on the not so good, well its all for personal, who cares about weight anyway :)  When I have weighed I did think my weight on dried and trimmed buds seemed a little lower than some reported online but I write that off to differing ways of weighing.  On a typical short veg (4 weeks) speed run the average indoors would be around 1.5 – 3.5 oz per plant, with a few outliers a bit above or below.  Still fairly new to the great outdoors with much more mixed results (not even counting any disaster… I mean experiment with autos), again thoroughly dry, neatly trimmed and ready to jar…anywhere from just under 3oz to just over one lb.

;) Pure volume is great but there are many other measures of success. Many little 3 foot, single cola, quick grow, 2 oz  plants produce buds that can be just as (if not more) sweet/sour and strong as anything produced, with many more risks, in twice the time, on some outdoor monster!     

...isnt quid pro quo an American Payment Method?...Nice but are the beans the ones from the Old World or the New? 

This is one of the Papaya / GSC crosses. That pic still ten days or so away from finish. Came out dense, sticky and smelling in the cure kind of like buttered popcorn with a few cheetos and a little salami thrown in :) 

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:) The '22 OD Season (for me) is over! Six Nirvana homemade crosses: 2x Raspberry Cough x Blue Dream…
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