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OD competition

We all remember we had an ID/OD grow competition and we also know who won the ID... but who wins the OD ??

This is the original post : https://weedportal.com/page/view-post?id=2014 

Please post your submissions for the OD competition in this post....this post will be pinned and open for the rest of the week, after that we gonna pick a winner :)

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    • Green Crack in a greenhouse . Nice buds dp, but maybe a third stage of the competition. 

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      • I get the feeling this will be a popular thread here. I get both sides but I feel like it even's itself out. Here is my reasoning.  With a greenhouse you don't have to really worry about animals eating your plants and helps with bugs. Downside the ventilation isn't as good and you don't get the direct sunlight. Greenhouse in this case has pots which limits the size potential, whereas outside with direct sunlight but no pots no size limit.

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        • wHAT UP wp , Technically a greenhouse is ID growin. In a greenhouse, you and your best buddy "Mother Nature" combine forces to kick ass !!! My prob with a greenhouse is VISABILITY !!!! No thanks !! 

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          • I dunno... It may be kind of in-between but a small greenhouse still depends on the sun for lighting and nature for temperature / humidity so seems OD enough to me :) 

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          • Here is a better view of my set up. I don’t really care if I win this. It’s just for fun. I have to have this set up or else the crazy wind that blows up the Santa Ynez River Valley would tear my plants apart. Also I have little kids so it keeps them away from plants. Also I hate caterpillars. Even if this tent wasn’t here I would still grow in pots. And as far as visibility goes that’s not a factor in my circumstance. Happy Growing ✌️ 

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            • Regardless if you win you definitely have my respect. I can relate to your situation with the kids my room stays locked and they are not allowed in there I tell them cause there are chemicals in there haha, but you adapted your grow to work with the given situation and you killed it. You grow some really beautiful plants your way. 👍 

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              • Thank you! You as well. How’s that Blue Dream smoke? 💨 

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                • Thanks man, BD came out really nice. It smells like sweet vanilla coffee creamer very unique. I have grown it a couple times now and ready for something new and stinky.

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                • Now thats a competition I would be damn proud to come in 3rd or 4th

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