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also of possible  start from seed 18/6 using flower lighting (not full cycle spectrum) then at week 2 use 12/12 cycle or just start at 12/12 using flower  spectrum- then swith back to 18/6 or leave at 12/12  once sex is determined

AK-47 is their  flagship strain (Serious seeds)   Ethos has some killer auto's  --the best yields I have ever gotten that's what Ethos is concentrating this year autos (look at Sweet Zanity OG auto ) any auto with sunset sherbert or mandrain will give good yields  If you want a monster yielder look at "Apex"  - massive yields

been using it  ocean blend + happy frog and never had an issue (manufactor states all you need is water for the 1st month)  have use nutrients from week2-3 of veg till harvest  -- it's not hot !!  a great soil

 never go over 300 degree it will de-grad the thc  - 235 dege for 110 minutes  is what the cannabis reshearch institute of amsterdam   -   crock pot 200 (high) for 1 1/2 hr then  -- the longer you cook you get a higher cbd levels with lower thc amounts  _ hope this helps      never let you crock pot bubble  = loss of thc  can't see de-carbing in oven an then putting it in a cooker again - but there is good science about it   _ conside this : when baking with canna  neve bake  higher than 300 dege -  j

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hash is pressed kief

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 to flower with t-5's need the prper light spectrum (flower) you must have the Veg light. Viparspectra is a good light but I perfer Quantum Boards  (budget Led re-named Elevated Lighting) us made and b vets

new movie  called "Lady Buds"  it's about 4 women in the cannabis business - very interesting and true

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Most of you-all know or rememeber me - was #1 for many years - (10yrs - the old site)) (#'1 don't mean nothing) due to life's changing directions - Need information on cannabutter _ here is what I do " I decarb in crock pot at 200 temps for 1hr on high and then 3 hrs on low _ have read much on subjest but can't beat members input?  just can't see decarbing in oven and then put in crock pot - understand that long hrs of decarbing  can change thc to cbd = less thc.  thoughts ? and changes I can make ?

Once in flower "N" is really not needed - some years ago there was a No "n" during lower - but it has changed to a "little N" will not hurt Your 'N' in flower should be lower than you P & K anounts - in flower you want to build flower sites depending on wwere you are at inflower: early, middle late - your P & K amonts will vary- middle flower P amounts higher than K amounts and once in late flower - K amounts higher than P amounts 

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can give you some sites that offer 1/2 packs for $60.00  (Ethos) & (InHOuseGenetics) also- great deal that one can afford

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here are a few : Humbolts County's Own - Elemental Nutrients  - have may more nutrient lines that I tried and never had a issue in the US (PM me for more) tablets ? sorry never tried tablets


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Most of you-all know or rememeber me - was #1 for many years - (10yrs - the old site)) (#'1 don't me…
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