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This is the only Bank that I know of (only one in the World)  that let you make an offer on their seeds, recently got a pack of Anaphylaxis (Mass Medical) for $75.00  this is half what they cost ($125.00) have requested a "make offer" twice now and both times accepted by them.  There # of breeders are increasing  a good U.S. bank.   ----------- This is No auction   Name of bank is Luscious

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how does one enter the "free seed" give a way ?  Thanks

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remember MOre light = Bigger Buds    Yes - take all the fan leaves off   here is a good rule : in defoliation the "sapce" defoliated has to be 2/x's it's size of the fan leaf defoliated. - this is for general defoliation NOT heavy  hope this info helps   (you are moving light blockes the sugar leaves take over !!!!! - have done ot both ways the latter works best)  here is how defolation goes :

do a heavy defo in week 4 of Veg

do a light  defo 1 day berfore transiton stage (12/12)

do a heavy defo in week 4 of flower

(very light pruning thr-out grow -- 3-4 leaves)  Its all about LIGHT and BUD SITES

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for Malawi - use 12/12 from seed  - 3 weeks veg then before "transition stage" give plant 24-36hr dark  time  then a 13/11 flower time switching to 14/10 in late flower -- this will work well for 100% sativa strains increasing flower times by 1-2 weeks, Been wanting to run Malawi sub-post to be one of the worlds strongest strains !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ( need to find some more 100% sativa strains to run with) keep us posted -

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Blue Venom by G13 Labs Seeds (Blueberry and AK-47) - also look at  their Blue Cindy strains also by Ethos their Sugar Cane (Slurricane x platimum)  this strain has their two best strains (slurricane and platimum) which is the "base" strain for many of their hybrid strains. Happy hunting  !!!!!!!!!!!  for a good reference look at " and"

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here are a few interesting facts:

1) hanging the plant up-side down increasae potency --- More likeky hanging tha plant up-side down slows the drying process and h20 evaportation. therefore reducing terpene lost and giving more taste and aroma - potency not really

2) Allowing an extended 24-48  "dark time"increase potency _ Many  terpens are voliated and evaporate in warm temps, as soon as the light come on they begin to dissapear. --- Keeping the plants in the dark gives these delicate terpens a chance to make it to the drying room


remember once "they" start to change to amber  - they will increase to amber at the rate of 5% per week. Then you can adjust your flush if you do flush

dosen't matter when the response is people can still learn from old post !!!!!!  recent information = recent posts

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More light bigger budds  is the old saying  and is true if you have the light intensity dialed-in and good ventilation (fans, ect)

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Fos Farms - Ocean Blend and Happy Frog along with a soil "inocluant" Just started with the inoclant and WOW what a difference -- at present there are only two inoclunats on the market one by Pro-Mix and the other by Daymo Mayo (wrong name of product, will get the proper name.  you just add it to soil when potting and thats all - will use it again (they offered free samples of but stopped) this stuff is worth the money !!!

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can use it thru grow but I generallly  use it during the "flush"   with great results !!!!

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