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Dang Jungle in there!  Looking great!

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Oh man, that is looking NICE!!!!  Can’t wait to see how it turns out!!!!

Nice work as always Hulk!!  Stay safe and dry!  Hope it’s just a big rain!

Very cool work!!!!  Light penetration and air flow are going to be not a problem!!!!  Love it!

I wish we could get our governor out and get some new blood in there.  Our schools suck and could use a boost from something.  Designated tax on this for the schools could do it nicely. Look at Colorados first taxable year when they went legal.  They had to make new laws to spend the surplus money, due to bringing in record taxes.  Pregame that to have any surplus tax money go directly to the schools along with a percentage and these kids would have a learning environment that would kick butt, and teachers would get paid what they should.

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So Nice!!!!

I had about 300 in my Co2 system.  Tank regulator and hose.  Since then the tanks have skyrocketed and now there is a HUGE CO2 shortage from the word at my welding supply house.  Different day, different shortage.  


Cant wait to see these finish CPW!

I bought two cheap digital microscopes that link to my phone.  lets me zoom in and get sweet pics of trichomes.  Im still a bit new in the game but have enjoyed the buzz from the 30-50% amber range, lol, but that being said, I find something good in everything I've produced.  Those last few weeks are painstaking!  patience will always produce!

Depending on strain and grow conditions you could have several more weeks looking at the pictures.  getting a digital microscope will help you immensely.  Checking the trichomes is the best way to know when its time for the scissors!!  Great work so far, know its the patience game!!!

Dang, I like my girls THICK!!!!!   Nice work Dee, that will be excellent!!!!

Thanks Chubb’s!  Really appreciate the help!  You guys are always an amazing source of info!

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