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Thanks King!  Hope everyone has a great day today!!

And I put a black mason jar over the cups to keep them dark. 

I use this method w plastic cups w lids. Little ro water about halfway and put them on the warming mat in my dome. When I get a tail I transplant into my soil with a good shake of azos powder. They normally surface within 3 days. 

How would one get in on this burger action?!  I will drive across a state for a good burger.  

Morning King!!  Hope you and the family are doing great today!

Added a post 

Got my adjustable height Scrog net installed, ran light cycle to dial in temps and put one of each seed in the water. Running a supersoil that’s homemade from a buddy with BioBizz for the nutes. Hoping to put what I’ve learned to the test!  Will keep some posts coming on this run.  Hope everyone is doing good!


Anybody heard from Texasbob lately?

Trying to be like you guys!!!

Thank you Sir!!  Can’t wait to see what you do with the photos!!!💪💪

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