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Y’all have done it.  Cali Orange is one my list.  Who has the best bean?

Added a comment to enjoy !  

What a great band!!!!  So sad

Morning buddy!  Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!!

No males in the area!!  

thank you guys for the replies!!!

Can you share a link as to where you got this?  Making clones is on my list for sure to learn.  You got it going on!!!

My grandfather had some grape vines when we were kids and we would eat them till we got sick.  I've got wild grapes Ive spread out on my mom's farm when I go deer hunting.  Grab a handful while walking to the stand and get to spread the seeds out as I go.  Win Win


Ive seen those root pods Sub!  Very Nice work as always!!

Amazon had tons of ladybugs a few weeks ago, but they might be seasonal.  

I think there is a definite sweet spot during the grow that the plant is flexible.  After that its set up to carry weight, and hard to train.  

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Well, smoking the raspberry cough from last run now and very pleased!  Found two seeds and one looks to be good by visual.  What are the thoughts on this seed?  Came from feminized photoperiod plant.  I’m gonna grow it eventually but always love everyone’s input

Nice work!!!  Those look like some great lights!

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