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Nice!!!  They look pretty thick!! 🤤 

Pretty work Greg!!!  Man that’s gonna be nice!!!

What a differing the two setups!

Morning late as normal!!🙋‍♂️


hope you and the family are doing good King!

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Overachiever!!!!  And I like it!

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Well, I called my local store and got super lucky!!!   

 NextLight 650 Max full spectrum is crazy next to the two Kind leds. All I can say is Let’s GO!!!  

Picked one of these lights up for about 70% off after being gently used.  Ended up being too much for the previous owner.  So let’s see what we can do with it!!  

Two tents running now but plan on staggering about a month and a half between tents once dailed in.

Thanks again to all that replied on my other post!  You guys rock!

Thank you all for the great replies!  Had a deal fall in my lap today I couldn’t pass up.

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Getting ready to buy another light to put in my other 4x4 tent.  Running Kind xl300 and xl600 in the other tent. Been happy w them just want to step up In technology and want one light for the whole tent.  Let me know what you guys and gals like and don’t like.  I appreciate any info!  Thanks I’m advance!


Running 6 autos right now for a change of pace. They seem to be pretty happy cruising thru week 4.

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Last time I spoke w Bob his health had been much better.  He has always been a great member and helped me immensely over the years!

Pretty work Cake!!!!!

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