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Makes sense to me!  Thanks for the post! Great video

Strawberry cough and some from an unknown bag seed!

Give that lady a big hug!!!

Do you use a wood stove at all?  Bunch of work splitting wood but I love them!

Morning Gentlemen!  Hope you have an excellent day!

Morning King and Bob!!  Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

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Can’t wait to see these go!!!

I see some good ones in there!  I like quality over quantity any day!

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Oh Yeah!!!  That looks amazing!!!

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Well finished another run!  Definitely some self induced speed bumps along the way but learned some more great things as well.  Super Lemon Haze and Chocoloupe were the last ones standing. Ended up with some of the longest and the heaviest flowers yet, so I feel keeping the lower sections of the plant clear and open let’s the energy go to the top half.  

Going to slow down and only grow a couple next run, see if I can dial it in a bit better.  Surely wouldn’t be where I’m at now without the great help from the members here!

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  •  · thanks for the share chubby good info !!!
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  •  · Mine does that too mostly when I’m not logged in.

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