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Here we are again my friends. How l missed my life with my ladies. It has dawned on me lately that my time is starting to be short. I would really like to share some things before 30 years of learning goes with me to my grave. Welcome... all questions welcomed.

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THOSE are some happy girls!

You are right... I took her early but it was only 1 more arm. There are 3 more left. XD I wanted some weed for christmas! Even early mines better than that mass produced crap.

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Well friends I could be happier but not much. I am always striving for a loftier goal. LOL,  Just took the first "arm off the horizontally trained plant. More  It is not easy to get buds like this in a 2X4 see the paper towel roll picture for an idea how thick she got. Those are solid, sticky buds. I use one 1000W grow white light, nothing fancy no blurple allowed. The seeds were bred by me but are Nirvana's Papaya l used to propagate., so this generation I did, but I have the best stock in the world in my opinion so am not taking the credit for her solid genetics. I use AN nuits. So many will have a bad opinion of this, but I find they do what I want them to, consistently and very well..1660-14AB pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom Part A+B... as well as the grow. First part of life they also get voodoo root juice as well.... Big Bud in the bloom and bud candy.  It is just what I like, I am not saying do it or don't it's just the facts Ma'am LOL. I will use Cal Mag as needed, but I am not a big believer in over pumping the nuits. They tell me what they need, and I do what they say, after a few decades you can tell hahahaha no shit it has been 32 years of mistakes to get dialed in. If l kept going for another 30 l would still learn things. Even your brand-new spanking newbie can teach you things, if only what not to do.I use cocoa coir 1/2 and 1/2 high quality potting mix. My 2X4 tent is fully equipped with a Vivosun charcoal filter sucking air from the inside out. It is a stealth grow. There can be NO smell and it must stay hidden. The tent is a chinese knock off too I bet, but it is near identical to Vivosun called Zeny. The guy who taught me about moonshinin always said quality is like a three-legged stool. Your materials must be top-notch, your equipment and your process. That is the formal for success. If one of those are lacking... you will not have the results you desire. I have blabbed on enough, I am just happy to be back. Good luck yall to you and your ladies! The Raven

Honey Honey... you are my candy girl... and you got me wanting you! HAHAHA :D

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