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Lucky man married to a gorgeous wife for 13+ years and father of 3 wonderful young adults! I work for the best cannabis company on the west coast AVITAS! Just about to complete my second heggie and planning my next which will be an Original Glue Auto!

If I remember right it's mau and 1995

There are a few outside growers on here some do both inside and outside grows, I live in Maine so its a short season for flowering but plenty of time for autos finish I think. The last try they all had bud rot from an unusually humid summer. I am going to try a few more this year and make a point to shake the dew off in the mornings. Everyone on here was a green horn when they started so keep at and keep learning  

Love post like this! I’m definitely learning a lot! Never have had opportunity or place for inside grow and honestly still trying to figure out how to get consistent good outside grow. Deer, rabbits ect. Always a problem! I’ve killed my share of beautiful plants just not being knowledgeable about feeding. Have had beautiful seven foot plants once lots of scraggly plants just need to learn a lot more. I only get one shot a season so I really need to get it figured out! Luckily learning by just reading some of these post. Thinking everyone on here is very experienced and knowledgeable than me although mostly seem to be inside grows. Wish I could do that so I could control more than I can with my gorilla grow. Thanks everyone!

Og Kush after 48 hours dark time

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