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Lucky man married to a gorgeous wife for 13+ years and father of 3 wonderful young adults! I work for the best cannabis company on the west coast AVITAS! Trying my first full rdwc grow and so far am loving the unbelievable fast growth!!

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Wow is all I can say. I only ordered from nirvana because their prices couldn't be beat. Now that they have raised the prices by 1000% I won't be shopping here anymore. Kinda sucks cause I love Nirvana genetics.

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Same here. Oregon has a large agricultural community . I was just curious cuase I tend to have a good amount of "concentrates".

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Ok.. so I'm a gold prospector and I typically have a lot of "concentrates" from river and creek beds.. concentrates are nothing more than sifted soils , sands, metals, and other minerals that have been worn down over the years by water movement.  After I have extracted the gold from my concentrates,  I usually remove any magnetic material.  So my question is do you think I could mix these River and creek concentrates into my grow medium without to many problems?

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Ok.. so I'm a gold prospector and I typically have a lot of "concentrates" from river and creek beds…
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