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Zkittles auto

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Daaaang looking fantastic!!! 

No just the 2 small ones in the corner haha. The other 2 are photo femz

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Added a few more plants to go outdoors (the ones in the basket) they are Orange Blossom Special regs. Also topped a few and transplanted. I got Zangria, Purple Dream, Purple Badlands x City Slicker, Black Widow, Sour Diesel auto, Blueberry auto, Holy Smoke and Zkittles clone, all growing in there. Will SOG the biggest in the flowing tent and give the other more time

Thats like a juicy 4oz if i take a guess

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Im on the same boat

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13 or 16 times, thanks!!

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Aurora indica (top) and zkittles (bottom) week 3. Been using the flower booster formula from green genes garden for the 3 weeks now. Jacks and NPK 2-2-2-1.2 ph to 5.7-5.8 tribus and fulvic acid, will be adding molasses now and probably switch back to jacks321 formula 

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