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never ending saga of "Seeds!" coming soon as a motion picture

anyone use expert seeds? saw a variety that looks interesting, ok a few, and I put in an order and they tripled it. making it just about 3 bucks a bean! It's probably a typo but looks like I am getting 9 beans of each. anyone else use them? are the Beans good and of a decent quality? just curious, since it looks like I have to rethink the rest of my life with this many.

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    • sorry, dive site @100ft Honolulu, did this at night too, way trippy

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      • expert i well known for not giving the free beans they say your going to get. that's how it was for me also. hopefully they have there shit together for you.gl

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        • I have to agree with Spiderdog, they are not good about keeping their sale promises at all, I had to work for it and still didnt get it all. That said, I grew their Amnesia Haze and it was great so I would buy that one again at full price, totally worth it if you dont mind being lied to about other things

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          • Well going to wait and see, happy if I get the ones I ordered.

            Nirvana is very verbose, you are informed of whats going on all times, very nice. Heritage is a week. Seedsman is a 12 sided dice in a box with quantum outcomes as to when you get them and what they come as. But you do get them in the end.

            But seedbanks are moving to the US so this should help lower costs through competition maybe? 

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            • These people are a great source right here in the US of A. They are picking up top shelf breeders all the time. The just added Brothers Grimm and and a few I have not heard of 


              The sister company sells clones but you have to pick them up.  I may be off base but I am thinking they will be a top shelf breeder eventually 



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              • And I dont go anyplace I am not at the top of the food chain. 

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                • new movie  called "Lady Buds"  it's about 4 women in the cannabis business - very interesting and true

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                  • Well, well, they certainly are the tease over at expert. It was a typo only received 2 for 1 not 3, dang guess quality control is on the ball. Now about the web guys, that dept must be in the break room too often.😁

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