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i do have a pack of the jock horror i ordered from them a month ago.i have copd thats starting to get worse so alot of strains are getting harder to smoke because the lung expansion. so im moving more to edibles but they get overly expensive at the dispensary.so im looking for the best ones for the gummies. thanks to all replies.

i agree with you texasbob 100% growing is very addicting.

ok thanks king ill check that out 

yeah i decarb according to the magical butter machine recipe book 

im looking for the strongest strain for making gummies with.i tried the gsc auto but wasnt potent enough.

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so whats the strongest nirvana strain?

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thanks ill try cutting it down like that on the run im getting ready to start

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i tried fox farms but had trouble dialing them in.whats your feed schedule with them

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make sure to give a smoke report. i just went in to my tent and found bud rot on 3/4 of my big colas from my fan taking a crap. just put the new fan in and was watering and in just three days without a fan on that plant i had white fuzz starting on several colas so i had to cut them all and throw it away. very sad find.lol

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great looking plant.i have some of those seeds. just havnt grown them yet.

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