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Cheers everyone, yeah I think another three weeks and things should be good to go.

Hi Kevin, I bought these seeds from Nirvana as soon as they were released, I can't remember exactly what I paid for the pack of five but the three I tried all came through and are looking brilliant so far. I always recommend Nirvana as the quality and service is second to none. 

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Putting me to shame with those beauties. 

Hi King, all I have done is some top trimming no training, they are growing in soil with nutrients added at watering. I will post a better picture at harvest time and thanks for your interest. 


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Hi everyone, I hope you like my picture of the cement shoes I am currently growing. I will add some more nearer harvest time. 

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Hi Kevin, what seeds are you buy from Nirvana as they normally cost around £30 for a pack of five ? Are the carriage charges extortionate where you live ?.

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Just to say thanks for the nice comments on my picture, it is Lithium OG Kush autoflower that took the best part of four months to grow but certainly looks worth the wait..


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Hi Mr Hulk, a little try of Lithium OG Kush, came up rather nicely it will be harvest time at the weekend. 

Thanks to everyone for all of the suggestions, I will drop the light to 12/12 but it has got really cold here lately so some extra heating might be required. I will let everyone know how it goes and thaks again for your recommendations. Happy growing 



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