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I have been ordering from weed seeds usa, genetics are good so far, pricing is WAY better than Nirvana. I placed an order on a Monday and had my package in 7 days! Selection is huge and they have all the exotic strains too. My blue cookies and pink runtz are 2 weeks out from harvest and the smell and size are out of this world. Sorry Nirvana but you priced yourself out of my grow rotation. If you bring your prices back to normal I will order again but I'm not paying $100.00  for 1 pack of seeds!

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    • Hi Kevin, what seeds are you buy from Nirvana as they normally cost around £30 for a pack of five ? Are the carriage charges extortionate where you live ?.

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      • Yeah Russell, the price of things that are imported like seeds and everything has gone up because corps can do that and do when threatened with a possible loss of profit such as actually  paying a living wage, they raise prices causing inflation.  Don't  believed a minute its supply problems that's the best they use too justify gouging us. Nirvana also may have a butt load of tariff on these products, of course that's passed to us to pay, to avoid losses. You can thank the past administration's and the tariff war that was started, and the Orange turd who got us here. Don't blame Nirvana for trying to run their business like the rest. Almost sure these price increases are tariff related.  Because it's not just seeds that jumped so much in price.

        10 bucks a bean is what all the seed supplies are rounding out at after you figure taxes even with sales and BOGO it will still be close to 10 a bean now. Guys are starting to raise their own beans, we should start a trading or barter app so we can spread the love. Of course buying local is always better if you can, but we're not there yet.

        Sorry for the long blurb, had to say it. The so called inflation is the same tactics they used to cow tow us in the 70s to run Carter out of office so they could put somone  else in to slash the corporate tax rates, you know to create jobs. BS I don't think people are buying it this time.

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        • Dank sells single seeds for $12/seed. 5 seeds for $50. Their prices barely changed. ontop of that they give great fast service, give freebie seeds and merchandise, their seed packaging is airtight, waterproof and doesnt allow light in to ruin the seed.

          Just passing the info on. Happy Friday!

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