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Thank you! Trying to have her ready for Christmas! 

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LOL! I just did a Nirvana RC, I let it go an extra 2 weeks till almost all the tri combs were amber. You wanna talk about couch lock!! After 3 weeks cure she is on of the strongest smelling I ever grew. I have to smoke this outside because my house smells for hours. How is the Sherbet Cookies?? I've been on the fence about ordering those.

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I have been ordering from Growers Choice Seeds in the USA. Pretty good genetics, pricing is good, has order tracking, and I never lost an order. Also High Supplies ( same place as Nirvana) is pretty fair, 2 orders got snatched in customs and they were pretty good about getting my replacements to me pretty quick. Me personally, I like to clone so I get 5 plants from 1 seed ( 4 clones + the seed) this way I don't feel like I just got robbed LOL!!! If anyone else has a good spot to order from PLEASE do share smile

Absolutely beautiful! I love seeing my fellow growmes pulling off a wonderful cycle!

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These are at the 7 week mark, I could have flipped at 6 weeks but I wanted to fill the tent. Just cleaned them up on Tuesday and gonna give them sometime to recover. Looking at Sunday to flip. Thank you very much for the comment!

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yes! you are right! did not see what light's they were using. I use all full spectrum light's so I start at 28 -32 inches, MY BAD LOL!!! For that size of a space I would grab a Mars Hydro TS-600W for $80.00 and call it a day.

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