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If they are auto-flowers, cut your losses. If they are photo's get them out and put them in 1-gallon pot's with miracle grow potting soil. It has enough nutrients to pull them back to where they should be. Then put them in what ever medium you want to use.  

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Understood! LOL! I like my tricomes 50/50. I like the heavier high with a touch of couch lock. 

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Blue cookies from usa weed seed. She's starting to flush so hopefully she will be ready to come out soon.

LMFAO! When I first started growing I would measure them when the lights came on and right before they shut off! I know, I'm a loser lol! But it was interesting to see the growth differences. 

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I see 2 things, Definitely over watered, and I think those are plastic pot's? If so get rid of them. On your next run get some fabric pots, your roots need to breath! Plus they will prune them self's for better air flow in the pot. You will see a big change in your plants. 

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I have been ordering from weed seeds usa, genetics are good so far, pricing is WAY better than Nirvana. I placed an order on a Monday and had my package in 7 days! Selection is huge and they have all the exotic strains too. My blue cookies and pink runtz are 2 weeks out from harvest and the smell and size are out of this world. Sorry Nirvana but you priced yourself out of my grow rotation. If you bring your prices back to normal I will order again but I'm not paying $100.00  for 1 pack of seeds!

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Looks healthy, for week 7 it's normal for leaves to do that. Most plants are a 8-10 week flower period so you will have dead leaves. But you REALLY need to clean up your canopy! Defoliation is needed on her. Alot of your bud sites are being covered by leaves that you don't need. Other then that she looks good!!

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