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Hey I did google the pH level of salt and it is at 7. Hopefully King I hope you are truly right. I say hope a lot bcos I am running out of resources.. he he. 

I hope it’s all just salt buildup King. 

Week 3 25-26 days. I don’t quite water til runoff honestly. Plain pH-ed water in between feedings. It looked well. There were no signs of yellowing. ‘Twas til then that I suspected them with slow growth. That’s when I did a slurry and it was out of range and it was only til then that yellowing leaves were present. Culprit #1 is king’s salt buildup since I don’t water til runoff. Culprit #2 is from migs with my pH pen. 

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I once again checked the slurry for 2/4 of my plants they were at 7.7++pH. I flushed with 4.7-5.2pH plain water just to find out that runoff was at the freaking 8’s. I have no earthly idea what I’ve done wrong.. 

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u have everything it needs.. just run by your pH and try not to overwater some more as u said she might haven’t needed the previous watering. The lighting part.. err maybe the guys could cover u with that.. 

yeah it is. My last af hermied produced a lot of beans. It’s fine I completely understand.. and Migs got me covered by flushing it down. I saved the chart dude thanks for that 

Came across MrCanucks on yt. He doesn’t pH his tea as it would kill the microbes if u do. And that’s what he said.. I could understand why tho is bcos it’s an organic tea. Mine is an epsom salt solution.. thanks tho took notes 

Slow growth. Leaves look 75%-80% healthy but it’s gonna look bad fast if I don’t address it quick and right.. 

One more thing.. If I water in with an epsom salt solution do I still need to pH it?? I’ve never tried it. He he

Going in, 6.0-6.2 Chubs after I did the slurry. I’ve been staying on a 6.4-6.7 range. Tho I’ve been staying at 6.5 previously. Epsom salt has some sulfur in it too Chubs incase you didn’t know..

I admit… I have just calibrated my pH pen lately… 

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