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Low pressure misters

 Ok, at least two of us are looking, so I'll put it out to y'all.

Looking for LOW pressure, brass/ stainless mister heads. Not the cheap plastic sprayers, but actual misters made of metal.

 Everything I'm seeing needs a minimum of 40 psi (garden hose on city water).

Not sure of the math, but recos for pumps have been in the 1500-2000 gph range. That's a lot of pump.

Not looking to add a pricey pump, or booster pump for that matter.

So, anybody know of any good misters that don't need a fire hydrant pushing them???

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      • The little read ones seem to block up and change the water flow, so if I see a cutting start to droop a pop it out and make sure its getting a good spray 

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      • I'm trying to get more of a mist, instead of the spray the plastic heads put out.

        Thinking about skipping the mist, and going straight to fog, since I don't wanna buy a hi pressure pump.

        Just tryna re-invent the wheel.

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        • High pressure pump will make more heat. 

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          • True, but I'm counting on the "On" cycle being short enough not to heat up the water too much.

            I'm shooting for a cycle of 15 seconds/ 10 minutes.

            With a finer mist, I can keep the humidity up, without the clones dripping with water.

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          • try this get a peice of pvc a cap and way to attach it to the pump- now take and drill, in a vice, the pattern of spray you 'd like using a 1 mm or ? drill bit, heated metal poker whatever. I would bevel the holes with a knife just slightly. it will also shape the spray, hook it up and test it until you get something you like then see how long it takes to plug up. 

            make your own spay head then when it gets plugged make a new one. this is doable and if you have access to metal working equip skip the pvc and go with brass. easy to work with.

            also they make a line cleaner that works great for these systems. Drip Clean? going to incorporate it my next indoor season myself. suppose to work really well at keeping the lines clear of organics. which has just started to get me a headache.

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            • It's not an issue of clogging up. But I WILL remember Drip Clean, if I find the right nozzles, thanx!

              I'm looking for a finer spray than the plastic heads give.

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            • We seem to have lost most of the MacGyver members 

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              • Think I'm gonna put the misters on hold, while I play with my new Mist Maker (fog).

                I think we're down to 20 or so "thinkers". Not implying the rest are idiots, by any means. I mean the "outta da box" kinda thinkers. We can see things in the abstract and figure out new ways to do old things.

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                • This makes as many cuts that I need, has stone and an airpump runs all the time but probably doesn't need to I suppose

                  Right now its doing an impressive impression of a DWC tank 😄 holding reveg and misc unlabeled cuts. 

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                  • I'm switching from a 12 hole, 17 gallon tote, to a 7 hole, 5 gallon bucket.

                    You're running a "Bubbler" (Bubbleponics). I'm currently running low pressure aeroponics, getting ready to switch to fogponics.

                    I tried the plugs and humidity dome thing for years. I need a machine for consistent results.  lol

                    Just trying to figure out the most efficient one.

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                    • I use a clone king and I’ve never had a problem cloning.

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