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Nirvana in The US

 I'm curious how Nirvana intends to deal with the fact that interstate mailing of cannabis and/or seeds is still a Federal crime.

Granted, there's a lot less risk, not going through customs. Still, it only takes once, and they probably won't hang out in the US for long.

Maybe the price hike is to offset future attorney's fees?

Idk, but they pretty much priced themselves outta MY budget.

For $120, I can get 20 seeds from my buddy, Robert Bergman.

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    • Agreed, I knew the price would go up,but over 2 x price will have me shopping elsewhere. Never had a problem with customs over last 8 years

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      • I'm sure they'll deal with it the same way that GLG, Seed Supreme, Greenpoint and any of the other 20 plus USA based seed banks do. Fortunately this is what capitalism is all about. It's there business and they can run it any way they want and charge anything they want. If it works for em great, if not then they won't be around for long. I haven't purchased a lot from them but I gotta say I'm not ready to give up on em yet. JMO! ✌🏻

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        • Hard to convict when its international, but when its domestic much easier to ask a judge for a search warrant, so when they say increase was to help guarantee safe delivery I am curious what that entails.

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          • That is a fantastic question! When Nirvana first announced this move that was the first question that popped into my mind. The legal loophole of customs was the reason I started ordering from overseas. I will continue to order from overseas just for safe measure for now. This whole thing is a mess, imo.

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            • Yep. Got my first order from Robert Bergman today. I luv growing marijuana!

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              • Nothing personnel dude and I agree Nirvana is making a mistake or worse leading the way for other seedbanks but could you please stop using this as an excuse to boost some other seed bank. I dont know anything about Robert Bergman except from your posts and frankly your not helping them.

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                • only time will tell bout there move and price i do like ever thing i have gotten from them ....  i will c how things go they have never done me wrong ... 

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                • Thought it was a metaphor I just wasn't getting. 

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                  • I notice Jim Nirvana isnt around these days 

                    just an observation

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                    • Nirvana's prices are basically competitive with their opening special going on . 




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                      • Just came to visit the site to order some GSC and saw the price hike,YIKES! Glad I bought my Bd and Zkz earlier in the year. Love Nirvana, but will be shopping else where. Happy growing.

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                        • i can't even begin to think how much business i have given nirvana. i have praised them and sent many growers their way. after my second or third order, i was totally committed to them. i have not logged on for quite some time, for my last order was substantial and carried me for a long time. before i was ready to order, i got my finances in order and took money from fellow growers to place a fat order, alas, i see the folks from the netherlands want to be american too. 

                          call me a hater, disagree with me, whatever, but this wave of exploitation is CRIMINAL. i love their strains, but there are much cheaper and just as good american banks and breeders. how can they justify what they are doing to the united states. i'm so disgusted. anyone can see what's going on. obviously their american market is large, or they wouldn't be so greedy. why exploit what is already good. the prices for the rest of the world are great, so why the hot poker in the rear?

                          until i can order from them in europe again, which will happen because i think they will fold in the states, i won't be giving them my money, and i will tell anyone who grows to stay far away and clear from these... people. also, i looked to buy outside america for legal reasons as i feel it's safer. they really screwed up, IMHO.


                          peace and happy growing... and i think if anyone wants to promote other sources on this thread is completely acceptable and i encourage it.

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