Comment to 'Nirvana in The US'
  • i can't even begin to think how much business i have given nirvana. i have praised them and sent many growers their way. after my second or third order, i was totally committed to them. i have not logged on for quite some time, for my last order was substantial and carried me for a long time. before i was ready to order, i got my finances in order and took money from fellow growers to place a fat order, alas, i see the folks from the netherlands want to be american too. 

    call me a hater, disagree with me, whatever, but this wave of exploitation is CRIMINAL. i love their strains, but there are much cheaper and just as good american banks and breeders. how can they justify what they are doing to the united states. i'm so disgusted. anyone can see what's going on. obviously their american market is large, or they wouldn't be so greedy. why exploit what is already good. the prices for the rest of the world are great, so why the hot poker in the rear?

    until i can order from them in europe again, which will happen because i think they will fold in the states, i won't be giving them my money, and i will tell anyone who grows to stay far away and clear from these... people. also, i looked to buy outside america for legal reasons as i feel it's safer. they really screwed up, IMHO.


    peace and happy growing... and i think if anyone wants to promote other sources on this thread is completely acceptable and i encourage it.

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